Stuckey Family Reunion 2014

Around fifty family members gathered at my parents house last weekend for a family reunion.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't great, but the company and food were fantastic!  This was the best group shot we could get even though it is missing a few who came at different times.
This shot includes the two remaining Stuckey sisters, June (88) and Earleen (90).  My grandmother was their sister and there were eight siblings in all.  The others pictured are the second generation and their spouses.
 Then the third generation and spouses...
 and the fourth generation!

John cooked up a lot of food and it was all delicious!
Aunt Earleen and Aunt June with the youngest family members!  I believe these would be their great-great-nephews.  Oddly enough Gabriel and Matthew were born on the exact same day!
 Trey, Lisa, and Halley joined us on Sunday
 Along with Rob, Denise, Preston, and Sawyer


Family Trip to Highlands

We just returned from our annual family trip to Highlands, North Carolina.  The weather was beautiful and the kids had a blast all playing together.  Here's a quick rundown of our trip.

Dinner at The Orchard

 S'more night!

 Silver Run Falls

 Dinner at High Hampton Inn
Apparently this is what little girls do when they see a camera...
and this is what little boys do...

Sliding Rock

Another day, another waterfall.

Dinner at Old Edward's Golf Club

Slick Rock (which isn't very slick)
 Bryant and Miller hiked down into the valley and made this mama a nervous wreck.  If you look closely you can see Papa at the top where we were waiting.