Christmas Eve

Leading up to Christmas we had some fun family time going to Carols and Candlelight at our church.  Miller asked to sit with Ella Kate and Miss Faith so we let him break away for the first time in church.  We were just two rows back and he did great!  It was a beautiful service and I'm so glad we were able to go for the first time!
We also enjoyed lots of time at home snuggling, watching movies, playing, and baking.  It was really nice to be home for the few days before Christmas!

On Christmas Eve morning, Miller came running downstairs excitingly asking if Christmas was in just one more day.  When I answered yes, he said, "So we're going to see Santa today?!?!"  You see, we normally bump into Santa all sorts of places, but it turns out this year the only place we saw him was at the Night Before Christmas downtown.  When told us he didn't want to wait in line to see him and we didn't think a thing about it.  Suddenly on Christmas Eve he was in a panic that Santa wouldn't know what he wanted!  We live in a small town with no mall Santa so, it was Express Mail to the rescue ;)

That night we went to church with Bryant's family and then to dinner at Betty Jo's house.
Betty Jo had set up a dryer box/fort for the boys complete with blocks and crayons.  What a fun 

When we got home we read our second to last Jesse Tree devotional and opened our ornament.  About halfway through, I realized bribery with chocolate was going to be necessary to keep two boys still for a devotional.  Once we started that "tradition" they did great!  I was so excited that Miller remembered so many of the stories that the ornaments represented.  Even Jacob did a great job remembering parts of the stories!  I hope this tradition will help hide God's word in the boys' hearts and help them to see the big picture of God's redemption plan for us.

Lastly, we put out cookies and milk for Santa.  This was the first year Miller has asked to put out cookies and he insisted in putting Smarties in them when we baked them.  Yum! ;)

After that it was off to bed!  It was the easiest bedtime ever since Miller was basically pushing us out of his room so he could go to sleep and Santa could come.  Maybe he should come more often, ha!


Christmas Parties

We had so much fun at the Bradberry Family Christmas dinner.  So much fun that I didn't take a single picture, ha!  I was able to steal this one of all of the littles ones from Margaret.

We also enjoyed the Christmas Brunch!  This used to be a Christmas Eve tradition, but I love that these parties are all spread out now so we can enjoy them even more.

 If we can get all four cousins in the same picture and semi-looking at the camera these days, I consider that a win!
 Sweet babies!  I told Jacob the other day that he is a sweet baby.  His response was, "No!  Not a baby. Annie's the baby!" :)

 I think Annie liked her stickers ;)

The first and second generations.
And the third and fourth!


Emily's Wedding Weekend

On December 20th, I was honored to stand by my dear friend of fourteen years, sweet Emily Kyle.  In most ways it doesn't feel like it's been fourteen years since I first met her in our chapter room for a slumber party on Bid Day.  In other ways, it feels like a lifetime.  Emily is one of the craziest, most hysterical people I know but she also has such a strong heart for the Lord.  Emily and I lived together after college when most of our friends were married and we often wondered if our singleness was a season or not.  She was the one who so often encouraged me with her opera style of Great is Thy Faithfulness reminding me that God would be faithful to me, married or single.  She has such a way of turning tears into laughter.  I chose that song to walk down the aisle to as a testament to His faithfulness in my life.  Emily's season of singleness lasted a little longer, but the Lord has used her greatly during that time and I know He has big plans to continue to use her.  I'm so thankful I was able to be a part of her big day and that the Lord led her to such a wonderful, godly man.  He was worth the wait, Em!  We started off the weekend with their rehearsal and after rehearsal dinner at a beautiful lodge.

The next morning we had a Bridesmaid's Brunch at an adorable Bed & Breakfast.  Emily was glowing!
 All of the bridesmaids!

The big day!!!  Emily looked absolutely stunning and it was a beautiful ceremony.

Emily, thank you for being such a faithful friend, encourager, accountability partner, and comedian.  I can't wait to see how the Lord uses you and Hayden!  Thank you for letting me be a part of such a special time!  Love you friend!


Christmas with Poppy and Cissy

The weekend before Christmas we took the boys to Poppy and Cissy's house.  One of my best friends got married that weekend and Poppy and Cissy were sweet enough to babysit for us while we went to Andalusia for the weekend.  The boys had surprises waiting for them when we arrived!

 Miller was so excited that Poppy's train had smoke!

When we got back on Sunday it was time for gifts, Christmas lunch, and birthday cake!

Thanks for a weekend full of fun, Poppy and Cissy!


Preschool Parties

We are loving our new preschool and had a blast at the boys' Christmas parties!

Miller's sweet class sang a few songs for us and did motions to Away in a Manger.  Precious!

We love Miss Michele!

Jacob's class had so much fun decorating cookies and making a huge mess, ha!

Miss Morgan has been such a great teacher and we will miss her next semester!  Thanks for loving on our baby and teaching him so much!

Addie and Jacob
Some of the big kids came over when their party was over and helped Morgan open her Christmas gift from the class. 

Mac and Jacob

Thanks for a fun day, Michele and Morgan!