An Attempt to Catch Up

This will be a long rambling post full of pictures that have been just hanging out on my phone since September.  I hate to not include them on here though!  Here we go!

In September we had a tailgate shower in Auburn for my sweet friend Emily who is getting married THIS weekend!
 That meant Bryant had the boys all weekend and he did a stellar job.  ;)

This Fall, I noticed a definite change in how the boys really play together now.  It is so sweet and warms my hear to see them becoming friends.

Papa Frank took Miller to his first Alabama game.

Miller had a cleaning at the Dentist and is still cavity free!
 Gotta' love the prize he picked.

We went to the Guntersville Homecoming Parade downtown and had a blast.

From there we went to Miller's soccer party.

We made pumpkin jack-o-lantern pancakes.

I picked up my nieces from the grandparents and drove us all to Nashville.  Poor Malley is buried behind the bag in the backseat. 

We went to Tuscaloosa for the Texas A&M game.

This picture cracks me up.  Don't you love the relaxed smile I kept while also implementing a choke hold on Miller?  

 Miller asked for "that stuff that looks like worms but tastes like donuts with sugar all over it".

Bryant tried to adopt a stray cat.  Which I quickly shot down.

We went to the Pink Pumpkin Run and Miller LOVED running across the finish line.

Jacob got a care package full of stickers and quickly put them to good use.

We had some fun play-dates at our new park.

Mama got some good snuggles.

Miller got creative with bandaids one night when he was supposed to be sleeping.

I went to my first official tea party with the bride-to-be.

Jacob helped with Children's Choir.

We voted for our good friend Will Ainsworth.

Miller helped me cook.

Miller helped me shop for Christmas Coalition.

I filled in for Miller's teacher at the preschool when she was sick one day.

Jakey got a crush on "Waudrey".

Jacob turned two and a half.

Miller helped Bryant split and load firewood.

We found out Jacob loves all things music.

We got out our play nativity set and sadly discovered that baby Jesus is missing.

My sweet high school girls went shopping with me for Christmas Coalition.

We decorated for Christmas.

And broke out the Christmas clothes.

Miller and Bryant built a massive fort complete with interior decorations.

I got to celebrate sweet Emily again for a fun Bachelorette Party.

And Miller learned to shoot his BB gun while I was gone.

We made Salt Dough Ornaments.

Miller helped me wrap presents.

Whew!  Caught up!  For the moment anyway.  Christmas festivities coming soon!