Church Easter Egg Hunt

Our church held it's annual Easter Egg Hunt today and it was the perfect day for it!  We had such a great time and made some great memories.  I didn't have much luck getting Ty and Miller to pose for a picture.  The best I could get was by asking who was going to find the most eggs, ha!
Jacob took a little longer to warm up.  He laid in the bouncy house for about ten minutes before he whined for me to get him out.

 Love this sweet baby!
 Miller had a blast on the slide and in the bouncy house.  Unfortunately I forgot to change my shutter speed in my hurry to snap his picture!

 Getting ready for the big hunt!
The babies got to hunt first and they were all so sweet.  It took them a few minutes to get the hang of it, but then they were running around everywhere.

 The big boys showed Jacob the treats inside his eggs.  After that, he wouldn't let go of his basket, ha!

 Next up, the big kids got a turn to hunt!  There hunt was a little more fast-paced and aggressive.  Miller didn't realize at first how fast he had to be if he was going to find many eggs.  Thus the chewing on the basket...
 and the looking inside each egg as he found it.

 I truly can't believe how big Miller is getting!
 Love my boys!

 After everyone had found a few eggs, we had pizza for lunch followed by snow-cones outside.
 Miller and sweet Ella Kate

Hope you're getting to celebrate our risen Savior with some family fun as well!



Miller is playing t-ball for the first time this year!  We had a first practice at the beginning of March and he has been loving it!  Will and Bryant are coaching so the boys are on the same team.
 Hays, Miller, Hunter

 Miller and Cooper

Baby brother has had a ball running around while Miller practices and checking out the playground that is close by.
 I think he'd prefer to be on the field with big brother though!

 He's a mess!

Today was Opening Day and it was so much fun!  All lined up and ready to be announced!


After the ceremony we grabbed some lunch before their game.  I didn't get the camera turned on fast enough for his first time to bat when he hit it on his first try.  He struggled a little on his second time to bat.  He had a lot of fun and didn't even know he got "out" since they don't count outs yet.


 We had to work hard to keep Jacob entertained since the game was during his normal nap time.

We're looking forward to several more games this season with a fun group of kids!