Pop and Gran to the Rescue

Last month Bryant went with some guys duck hunting in Argentina for a week.  Yep.  You read that correctly.  You may ask, "Who goes to Argentina to duck hunt?"  These guys.  These guys right here.
It was a pretty typical, crummy hunting trip.  You know the type.  Sleeping in tents with bugs, cold beenie weenies from a can...

He had a great time and I'm glad he had the opportunity to go.  However, in order to keep my sanity and not be home by myself with the boys all week, we headed down to Pop and Gran's house.  They were so helpful and spoiled us rotten.  I forgot my camera, but thank goodness for the ole iPhone.  We took plenty of boat rides...

 Miller worked hard learning how to do "thumbs up" while we were there.  It's so funny all of the little things you don't even think about having to have learned at some point.

Jacob was happy on the boat as long as there were plenty of snacks handy.

Miller went tubing for the first time this summer {he went a couple of times last year}.  Sorry for the grainy pic.

We also went to the park in town one day and it was really fun.  We'll definitely be going back.

On another day, Miller and I went to the park in my parents' neighborhood which wasn't quite as exciting, but still a fun outing.

One day when Pop and Gran both had to work, we went into Auburn to see some of my college friends.  Miller had fun playing with these shakers even if they are "Waw Eagle cowas"

Thanks for hosting us, Pop and Gran!  We hope you've had some time to recover before we come back in a few weeks ;)