I'm dreaming of a well-lit Christmas!

Most of you are probably aware that we are a house divided...

Although, we don't take it quite as seriously as these people obviously do.  For the past three years we have made a friendly wager on the game to decide the extent of our Christmas decorating.  If Alabama wins, we don't have any lights outside since Bryant doesn't like hanging them up.  If Auburn wins, we get lights.  So unless you've been living in a hole somewhere you know that we get lights this year!
The game was probably the most intense game that I've ever been to.  I can't even explain how loud the stadium was when Auburn had the ball.  Conversely, when Auburn did something good you could hear a pin drop.  Honestly, I had to actually ask Bryant a few times if we really did score a touchdown because it was so eerily quiet.  Don't worry, I did my part to cheer though!
Margaret was so kind to keep Miller and thankfully the Mastins let me sleep inside despite my orange and blue. 
I think Papa Frank was glad to have someone to cheer him up :)
Daddy and Miller in their red and white, Mama in orange.  I gave Bryant something to think about though when I reminded him that Miller will probably want Christmas lights in a few years.  Wonder who he'll be cheering for if this is how we get them.... Just something to think about!

I'll be sure to post pictures when the lights are up.  In Bryant's "man of his word" fashion we went to Lowe's as soon as we got home on Sunday afternoon to get lights.  Now if it would ever stop raining he can get them hung!

War Eagle and Merry Christmas!!



We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and I was reminded of all I have to be thankful for.  Truly blessed.  We drove to Birmingham on Wednesday night to spend the night with my Dad and Cindy.  On Thanksgiving morning we loaded up and headed to Cindy's family farm which is just outside of Auburn.  It was beautiful!  We ate too much of course, but did burn a few of those calories chasing Miller around the cabin {ok, so Bryant did most of the chasing while I ran my mouth}. 
 Daddy was so proud!
 "Driving" Mama and Daddy around in the gator.
 Poppy and Cissy
Vandy {the owner of the cabin} built this wooden tractor himself.  Miller LOVED playing on it!

Later that afternoon we drove back to Birmingham and then our little family continued on to T-town for the big game.  More on that to come...  After such a long day, everyone was pretty worn out!
Thanks for a fabulous Thanksgiving, Poppy and Cissy!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yes, I realize it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but this year I am striving to get an early start on things in an effort to more fully enjoy the Christmas season.  I've decided that the more I can get done early the less stress I will have with the busyness Decemeber begins.  Plus, let's just be honest, Christmas is just too much fun to try and contain in a few short weeks!

{The ribbons above will be used to hang all of the Christmas cards we receive.}

Surprisingly, Miller hasn't been too bad with the decorations (i.e. the tree is still standing).  I just put the presents up today though.  We'll see if they stay wrapped when I'm not looking...

The inside of our house is almost complete, but we don't have anything outside yet.  We'll have to see how the Iron Bowl turns out first.  Bryant doesn't like to hang lights outside and I do.  {In fairness, I don't actually "do" any hanging so that's understandable.}  A few years back, we got the great idea from another "mixed marriage" couple to use the Iron Bowl as a friendly wager to help us decide whether or not to hang lights outside.  So, if Alabama wins - no lights for me.  Since we started this little bet, Auburn hasn't won.  Needless to say, if Auburn does win this year you'll probably be able to see our house from space.  Come on Tigers!!!


Thanksgiving Feast & More

Sorry it's been so long since I updated!  We've been busy, busy, busy!  Last Wednesday, Miller's MDO had their Thanksgiving Feast & Performance.  In true first-grandchild-fashion, we had quite the entourage.  
 All ready for his big day!  {Gran - I cropped you out on purpose.  You would have wanted me to - weird face}
Miller sat like a bump on a log during the entire four minute performance.  I was so proud that he sat still and didn't cry!  
After the performance, we had a Thanksgiving "Feast" preschool style - finger sandwiches, chips, pretzels, cheese, carrots, and cookies.  
What a cute little turkey!
Miller's artwork :)

Later that afternoon, Mom and I took Miller to the playground.  It was so much fun!  We will definitely spend many more afternoons there, until it gets cold at least.
After such an eventful day, everyone needs a ride with Daddy.
The following evening, we went to Betty Jo's house to celebrate Margaret's birthday.  
Miller really ejoyed helping Nana open her presents and I'm so sad I didn't take any pictures of it!  It made me really excited for Christmas though!

More posts coming soon!


Hooty Hoot!

Last weekend we went to Auburn's homecoming for a reunion tailgate with my Chi O pledge class.  These girls meant so much to be and I can honestly say that Chi O was one of the best and most important choices of my life.  Sounds dramatic I know, but I went through so much with these girls and grew by leaps and bounds spiritually because of many of them.  I only wish it had been warmer so that we could have all stayed longer.  We had a bunch of cold babies!!  Serioulsy, I wish I would have thought to take a picture of all of the strollers.  We looked like Babies R' Us.  Unfortunately, not everyone could make it, but it was so much fun to catch up with those who could!  In many ways it was bittersweet.  I got a little nostalgic over college days and wished I could go back to the days on the Hall just for a little bit.  Isn't that how life always is though?  I know I'll look back with longing at these days in the future.  Sigh.  
 Ready, Set, Hike!
Can you tell it was a little windy?  The was the best family shot we could get.  Oh, and in case you're wondering, I didn't knock out Bryant's front teeth - that's just a shadow.  He knows not to make me mad...
Thanks for the memories, girls!

Better Late Than Never

Remember my late Fall decorating?  I finally thought to get a picture of it the other day.  Voila!
I know. Southern Living might call any day.  :)  Although Miller looks like he's ready for a flood, it was actually freezing the day I took this.  Thankfully, it has warmed up a bit since then.   Good thing I got our pumpkins out in time to enjoy them for a few weeks before it's time for Christmas decorations!  Woohoo!


Fifteen Months

As of yesterday, Miller is fifteen months old!  Hard to believe.  This stage is so much fun and continues to be fairly smooth.  I tested out one nap per day for almost a week, but decided that when possible Miller still needs two naps.  It's funny because ever since my little "experiment" Miller has been a napping champ.  He's been napping a total of about three or three and half hours per day which is so not like him.  Granted, it's only been three days, but they've been a marvelous three days!  On a sad note, this stage seems to involve lots of bumps and bruises.  Check out the mark above his eye.  Ouch!

We had Miller's check up yesterday and everything looked great!  

Height: 31"(41st percentile)
Weight: 24 lbs. 6 oz. (49th percentile)

He had to get two routine vaccinations plus a flu shot, but thankfully he didn't let it bother him for too long.  I will confess that I've been slightly worried {I hate to even use that word - let's say "intrigued"} about the fact that Miller will learn something such as a new word or a body part, do it for a few weeks, and then it's like he never knew it.  Thankfully the doctor told me that this is very common for this age and that he is more than likely just bored with it.  It's funny how the Lord works, but this theory was actually confirmed today when Miller said a few things and pointed to a few body parts that he hasn't done in a long time.  Anyway, she said he is right on track with his vocabulary and all of his developmental skills.  Praise the Lord!

Here's a list of his current vocabulary:
"guk" - milk
"cak" - cat
"ba" - ball
"da" - daddy
"shs" - shoes {I know that words need vowels, but that's the way he says it!}
"chs" - cheese
"stas" - stairs
"ba" - bye bye
"mo" - more
"dis" - this
"gook" - book
"pa" - pop {This is sometimes "pop" as in a pop on the leg.  He'll point at something he isn't supposed to get into and say "pa".  He gets it!  Sometimes it's the good Pop though, as in one of his grandpas.}
His favorite toy is still a ball.  Coming in at a close second is anything that plays music.  He has started blowing kisses and giving "pat pats" {better known as hugs}.  People often comment on what a happy baby Miller is, which I must agree with.  Bryant and I often talk about what our next child will be like.  We're scared. 

Miller has started doing the cutest thing the past few days.  He'll go get a picture of Bryant and me from the night we got engaged and walk around with it saying "da da" over and over again.  So sweet. 
When I ask him where Dada is, he'll do this:
When I ask him where Mama is, he'll do this:
{That's my leg if you can't tell what's going on.}  Oh. my. goodness.  I can't even stand it.

And just in case you've forgotten where your belly button is, here's a friendly reminder:


Trunk or Treat

The Fall Festival at church last night was a huge success and so much fun!  We had a yummy dinner in the fellowship hall and had a great time visiting with friends.  I'm pretty sure Miller likes hot dogs judging by the fact that he ate one and a half and only stopped because we cut him off.  Wow.  After dinner we went outside for Trunk or Treat.  Keeping up with Miller was hysterical as he ran around in circles and across the parking lot over and over again.  Miller had a death grip on the pumpkin he was carrying.  I don't think he knows what candy is {as far as I know, he's never had any}, but he knew something good was in that pumpkin because we had to pry it out of his hands when it was time to go.  By about 7:20, he was getting pretty cranky so we went on home without participating in the pumpkin hunt or the hayride.  We'll save that for next year!
 Miller, Claire, and Margaret Ann
Morgan and Miller {Morgan is in my Sunday School class, lives down the street from us, and babysits Miller for us from time to time}  I think Miller was a little confused by "Wilma's" hair.

Well, that's it for the Halloween festivities!  The lion has been added to the costume closet for safekeeping.  We enjoyed Miller's second Halloween so much and look forward to many more fun memories!