Birthday Bash

Bryant turned thirty, yes thirty, last Thursday.  I knew he wouldn't want a big party or anything, but he even balked at the idea of going to dinner with a large group.  My laid back fella doesn't like a big fuss ;)  So we celebrated his actual birthday by having dinner at his parents' house.  That afternoon I met my mom halfway for her to keep Miller for the weekend {more on that to come later}.  On Friday, we went to Huntsville with Kendall and Will for a fun filled, marathon, double-date.

We started the night at one of our favorites, Bonefish Grill.  We ate too much, laughed a lot, and apparently dripped a fair amount of lobster butter on the table.
 From there, we headed to Bridge Street for some arcade games {I know, we're out of control}...
 and a chance to wear these babies.
 We got our bowl on...
 where I was beaten miserably.
I decided to drown my sorrows in a pot of flaming chocolate at The Melting Pot.  Oh, and we wished Bryant "happy birthday" while we were at it.
We spent the night there at Bridge Street at the Westin.  Fabulous.  I don't know about you, but I love staying in a hotel.  Especially when there isn't a baby there to wake you up.  Guess what time we slept until... nope, later... later... 10:38!!!  Crazy.  Since breakfast wasn't available at most establishments, we went to Another Broken Egg and added a few more calories to the count.
Yummy.  It was such a fun night!  I can't believe my husband is thirty {and that I'm swiftly approaching it}, but I am so thankful to celebrate this milestone with him!  Happy Birthday, Bryant!


First Haircut

I took Miller to get his haircut for the first time today.  He did such a great job!  He sat in the chair all by himself, never cried, and sat completely relatively still. 



 He looks like such a big boy now!


Dad's 60th Birthday

Last Saturday was my dad's 60th birthday so we went to Birmingham for the weekend to celebrate.  Miller loved playing outside with Poppy since the weather was absolutely gorgeous and enjoyed a popsicle while he was at it.

On Saturday, most of us went downtown to get things ready for the big party that night.  Bryant was in charge of Miller for most of the day and took him to meet a friend for lunch and a trip to the park.
Miller and Enola {and Daniel's foot :) }

Here are a few pics from the BIG party that night.  I don't know how Cindy pulled it all together, but it was a huge success!
 Cindy and her friends made this huge Kappa Sigma crest to remind Dad of his frat days.
 Not the best quality pic, but pretty priceless in my book.
 By the way, if you think it's odd that my dad is wearing tuxedo gear with blue jeans you probably just don't know him and his goofy self.
A few friends and family
Bryant was a little bit excited about the old fashioned popcorn machine... can you tell?

About halfway through the party we had a little tribute to Dad.  It will help if you understand that the whole theme of the party was "Get Smart".  Here are all of the Agent 99's ready to present Dad with a few gifts...
The birthday boy adorned...

  It was a great celebration and such a fun night!  Happy birthday, Dad!


Not a fan

I just got these pictures from my mom and I had to share.  They were taken with her phone and are extremely blurry, but they are still priceless.  Remember those happy little pictures of Miller playing at the mall?  Well, here's what happened when I put a quarter in thinking Miller would love to ride the car...
 Terrified is an understatement.   Then he kept looking at it like it was going to jump up and get him.
He only started to calm when it finally stopped moving.
 I guess it was just a good confirmation that we should wait on a trip to Disney World.


Birthday Surprises

The past few days have been a whirlwind of surprises!

Surprise #1:  Bryant and I decided to go to our early church service Sunday (we always go to the late service) and on our way to Sunday School he just happened to check his phone to find five missed calls, two texts, and three voicemails.  We quickly found out that Kate {his sister} was about to have an emergency c-section any minute.  What?!?!  This surprise was three weeks early so we were so excited, but also a little worried.  We ran home and quickly packed to head to Tuscaloosa.  Praise the Lord everyone was healthy!!  Blogosphere, meet my one and only niece, Malley Frances Limbaugh.
 Aren't they a beautiful family!
Miller wasn't too sure what to think at first, but he warmed up a little bit.

Surprise #2:  This was actually not a surprise for us, but for my mom.  Her birthday is tomorrow so Miller and I surprised her with a visit for a few days.  We went down Sunday {we decided to leave from Tuscaloosa} and came back this afternoon.  She was surprised to find this on her doorstep Sunday night...

We had a great visit complete with a trip to the mall...
ice cream...
a spa day for the girls while Uncle Brad babysat {sorry no pictures}...
lots of hugs...
and a few sloppy kisses...
Happy birthday, Malley and Gran!!


Eighteen Months

Miller got a great report from the pediatrician today!  Here are his latest stats:

Height: 31.5 in  (50th percentile)
Weight:  26.5 lbs  (50th percentile)

He was right on track as far as all of the developmental "skills" they ask about.  Including, "Is he throwing tantrums?"  Umm, yes.  It did make me feel a tad better to know that this is actually medically expected at his age.  He's above the vocabulary they look for {they want 6-10 words at 18 months} and everything looked good physically.  When we discussed eating, I told the doctor that Miller is a great eater except that he's not too crazy about meat.  He likes it sometimes, but overall he doesn't eat that much of it.  He told me that while he does get a lot from the other things he's eating {cheese, yogurt, beans, etc} I do need to "sneak it in" a little more.  I think it's a texture issue.  He does like eggs and fish {which are both soft} so I may up those a bit until he can chomp on some chicken and steak a little more easily.

I'll let Miller tell you what he's been up to these days.

Hi guys!  Boy, do I have a lot to tell you about.
My hair is getting much thicker which leads to some crazy post-nap styles.
That picture reminds me, I LOVE Annie's Cheese Bunnies.  Oh, and I have nine teeth now (and I'm about to get my tenth!)
 I've learned some new tricks that scare my mommy.
I've also discovered that I have some of Aunt Kate's genes and I'm pretty good at shootin' hoops.
I love looking out of the window and yelling "truck!" as every vehicle goes by.  You might also notice that we got some more of that cold white stuff.  My mommy doesn't like it very much.

I also like to keep things organized around here.  Sometimes Mommy needs a little motivation to clean out her drawers.
 I like to look surprised and say, "Whooooaaa" a lot.
What else do you want to know?  All this blogging is making me tired.
Hmm.... Have I forgotten anything?

Oh yea!  Mommy made a video of my doing my puzzle for you to see.  I only respond to Puzzle Master now.