Jacob::11 Months

Jacob is in fact closer to being twelve months than eleven months.  My pictures are all from a few weeks ago, but unfortunately I'm just getting around to posting them.  
Sizes: size 3 diapers, 9-12 or 12-18 month clothes 
Schedule:  Wakes around 6:30, eats at 7, naps from 9-11, eats at 11 {or sometimes later}, naps from 1-3, snack at 3, naps from 5-6ish, eats about 6:30, bed at 7.  We've been on this same schedule for several months and I am loving it.  In some ways it will be nice when Jacob moves to one nap, but I love that it gives me some alone time with Miller in the mornings and that both boys nap at the same time in the afternoons {giving me some alone alone time :) }
Sleep:  still loves his paci and lovie
Eating:  We transitioned Jacob to whole milk about a week ago and he is doing really well with it.  We have started introducing a sippy cup, but he usually gives up after an ounce or two.  Jacob is all about finger foods these days.  He will rarely let me feed him pureed food anymore.  He loves to feed himself and does surprisingly well for only having one tooth.  Some of his favorites are green beans, chicken, grapes, bananas, blueberries, puffs, cheese, and any kind of bread.  The boy loves bread.  

It's pretty obvious that he is a second, because I give him way worse foods than I allowed Miller to have at this age.  A couple of weeks ago I let him chow down on a McDonald's hamburger and fries, because I didn't bring enough healthy food for him.  He loved it of course.

Likes:  Jacob is still a major Daddy's boy these days. 
He also loves baths, playing with balls, and playing in his walker.  I wouldn't say he loves it, but he is finally getting a little better at playing on his own.  I think the fact that he can crawl and pull up on things has helped tremendously.  He's all about exploring these days.

Dislikes: Mommy when Daddy is around {seriously}, getting his diaper changed

Milestones:  Jacob is crawling like crazy, pulling up and cruising around furniture, and even figured out how to climb stairs, much to my frightened surprise...
I'm a sucker for a baby in a bubble!

It's not really a milestone, but Jacob is still in the phase of putting everything in his mouth.  I have to watch him like a hawk when we're outside!

Had to include this cute pic of big brother!
 Everybody wanted to help Nana drive after our mini photoshoot.
And just for memories sake, I have to include this little funny.  One day I told Miller that I was going to go get Jacob to feed him.  While I was fixing the bottle, I noticed lots of laughter coming over the monitor.  When I flipped it on, this is what I saw...
I guess Miller didn't want to wait on me to go get Jacob, ha!  Also, notice the paci in Miller's mouth.  He told me he was playing baby.  Miller and Jacob are starting to play together more and more which is so fun to watch.  Of course there's lots of snatching of toys and crying sometimes, but we're working on it!

 It is crazy to think that in just a couple of weeks Jacob will be one.  Where did my baby go?!?!



We had a wonderful Easter and so enjoyed celebrating our risen savior!  We started out the morning with Easter baskets for the kiddos.
 Drooly McCool loved his new shades {for about .5 seconds at least}
 Showing off the loot!
 We attempted a few pictures before we left for church.  Here's a sampling of how that went down.
 This was the best one we were able to get.
 On our way into church we stopped by the cross to add our flowers.
 Yay for a decent family shot!
After Sunday School and church we went to the Mastin's house for lunch and an egg hunt.
 Love my boys!
 After lunch we all got Easter baskets from Nana and Papa.
 Then it was off to hunt eggs!
We had a really sweet big brother moment.  I told Miller to leave that yellow egg for Jacob since it was one he could find.  After that, Miller found another egg on the ground and he said, "Mommy, I'm going to leave that egg for Jacob."  So sweet and thoughtful.  If only there were more of those moments ;)
 He looks so grown up in this picture to me!
Contrary to all of these pictures, Jacob does actually smile.  Just hard to catch on camera!  

We ended the day with much needed naps for everyone!  I so enjoyed teaching Miller the Easter story this year.  It is so encouraging and exciting to see him "get" more and more of the story as he grows.  I pray that both of our boys will know how magnificent the gift of grace truly is!  In fact, I pray that you all do!



I'm a bit behind, but what's new?  Here's a quick rundown of what we were up to prior to Easter:

Poppy and Cissy visited and brought a boatload of stuff for the boys.  Literally.

Miller had Easter parties at school.  Poor Jacob had to be woken up from his naps to party with big brother two days.
Once we got there he enjoyed people watching though.
 Checking out their loot from the egg hunt!
 For party day number two, we were in charge of cupcakes.  Miller was excited to put the eggs on top.

The weekend before Easter, Pop and Gran came to visit.

I didn't get any pictures, but this year we started Resurrection Eggs two weeks before Easter.  Every night after dinner, Miller would get to open one of the eggs and we'd tell a snipet of the Easter story.  We will definitely do this every year as it got Miller excited about the days leading up to Easter and gave us opportunities to teach him the meaning of Easter a little at a time. 

Miller's Wednesday night teachers from church, Ms. Jackie & Mimsy, surprised all of the kids in their class with this:

On Good Friday, we had several friends come over to play.

On the Saturday before Easter, we had a picnic at the park as a family and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Ok, all caught up!  Next stop...Easter!