Miller's Birthday Party

The day after Miller's birthday we celebrated with friends and family.  I was all set for a Pinterest worthy Finding Nemo Water Party in our backyard, however he requested a party at "The Jumpy Place" as he calls Kidz Time.  I should have been grateful since it's the kind of place where they do just about everything for you, but I must admit I was a little bummed at first.  Of course we went with what he wanted {it was his birthday after all} and it turned out to be so much fun and easy peasy!  This was the first year that we have invited his friends from school and church.  It was fun to watch him interact with his little friends!

Miller and Malley

 Monkeys in a Barrel for the big kids
 Banana Cookies for our younger guests
 Carson, Saylor, and Miller doing what boys do best!
 Owen, Elenor, Audrey, and Caroline
 Annie and Betty Jo
 Sweet Elenor

 Couldn't get a smile with my birthday boy.  He was too busy enjoying his Capri Sun.
 I can't believe there are four candles on that cupcake!
 I think sweet Lu enjoyed her cupcake!
 Carson gave me a thumbs up on my cupcakes
 Saylor digging in!
 I guess I really liked that present.
Miller got a little overwhelmed and said, "I'm done" after opening almost all of his presents.  Thankfully the few he hadn't opened were from grandparents that obliged him and let him open them later.  A few of his gifts included a new bubble lawn mower, his own set of real golf clubs, a Tag Reader, a movie day kit (movies, popcorn, and candy), a remote controlled car, a magazine subscription, Legos, $20 to buy his own gift (He loved this and picked out a Hot Wheels race track and a ball for Jacob.), a hopper ball, pretend goldfish that really swim, a rocket, a watergun, and lots of new clothes and pajamas.  No wonder he got worn out opening gifts!

Thanks to everyone who came to help celebrate Miller!  It was a great day and we're thankful for each of you!


Miller is Four!

 His last day as a three year old!
This was the day that he drew his first actual picture of something.  He described it as a sunset with a black storm cloud underneath it with rain falling and making a mud puddle. on the ground.  He said the vertical, orange line was the sun shining through.  It is so neat to watch all of the gradual transformations he's made as he learns to color and draw.

Woke up as a four year old!  I missed the first run-through, but he wanted to redo it several times anyway.
Little brother loved to watch him.

He requested pancakes for his birthday breakfast and was so excited to see the balloons.
We opened a few gifts and we decided to go ahead and give him his big birthday present from us.
This was inside!
We were way more excited than he was.  He literally dropped the paper after read it to him and asked where his new band-aids were.  Mom had given him a bag with several Toy Story things in it, including Toy Story band-aids.  Once we showed him the Disney travel DVD he was more excited and he seems to get a little more excited each day.  We can't wait to go!

After breakfast Miller and Pop played outside while I made his cupcakes.  He helped with clean up though.
After that we went for his check up at the Pediatrician's office.
He is 39" tall and weighs 37 pounds.  The doctor said he looked great and he didn't need any shots!  Afterwards, he chose Rock House for lunch and then we went home for Rest Time.  He is no longer taking afternoon naps, but has Rest Time in our bedroom with a few quiet toys and activities.  Occasionally he will fall asleep.  Occasionally I'll let him watch a movie.  Occasionally on the weekends he'll skip Rest Time.  We just kind of take it day by day.  He gets pretty grumpy by late afternoon, but by that point it's too late in the day for a nap.  The definite perk is that he never fights bedtime anymore.  He is out at 7:00 on the dot or sometimes even a little earlier.

After a delicious dinner by Pop, we celebrated again with a little cake.  Miller insisted on putting his candles in by himself.

I asked Miller the following questions to document some of his favorite things right now.  I would disagree with a few of his answers, but I decided to go with whatever he said.

What is your favorite color?  blue and red
What is your favorite toy?  trains
What is your favorite fruit?  apples
What is your favorite TV show?  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  peanut butter and jelly
What is your favorite outfit?  "My fish bathing suit"
What is your favorite game?  I Spy
What is your favorite snack?  pretzels
What is your favorite animal?  ducks
What is your favorite song?  Jesus Loves Me
What is your favorite book?  "The Mickey Mouse on at my school"
Who is your best friend?  Saylor
What is your favorite cereal?  "square cereal" (Quaker Oats Squares)
What is your favorite thing to do outside?  swing
What is your favorite drink?  chocolate milk
What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas
What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  blue blankie
What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  pancakes
What do you want for your birthday?  "I just wanted to have my cake."
What do you want to be when you grow up?  "I want to work where Daddy works."

       You are my hilarious, talkative, milk loving, blue blankie dragging, talkative, pizza hating, talkative, train track building, Toy Story watching, talkative, mess making, music loving, (did I mention talkative?) FOUR year old!  It is so much fun to watch your little brain work and see you learn everyday.  I'm not sure how much you will remember from this age when you get older, but I wish I could pick and choose your memories.  I wish I could erase  the times I get frustrated and overwhelmed and snap at you.  Please forgive me for these moments of selfishness and weakness.  I hope you'll instead remember the cuddles, giggles, dance parties, train tracks we built, play doh creations, prayers, story times, and kisses.  You have your own moments of frustration with Jacob as he accidentally knocks over your legos, train tracks, and blocks.  In spite of these fights, you are a sweet, loving big brother and I can't wait to watch your friendship with him grow.  When the two of you play happily together my heart overflows with joy.  I thank the Lord for you every single day and feel blessed that I get to be your mother.  As you like to tell me, I love you to the moon and back!



Highlands Part 2

I came across a few photos and videos on my phone from our trip that I forgot to include in my last post!  Miller and Bryant went hiking everyday we were there and I was able to join a few of them.
 Going down Slippery Rock!

Miller must have said, "When I get tiwood {tired} I can just wide on daddy's back" a thousand times.

Miller's swimming improved drastically while we were there.

Baby's first hike!
 Miller wasn't feeling up to family picture time...

Forgive my mommy brain for not including these before!  Next up... Miller's 4th birthday!