Highlands, NC

We spent the past week in Highlands, NC with Bryant's family and it was absolutely wonderful!  I was a little nervous the first day when it was freezing and raining, but the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful week.  As always, I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, but we managed to get a few!
 Miller and Annie
 Sweet Jacob at Lakeside for dinner
 He loved sitting next to Uncle Scott and chatting it up!
Miller discovered that he loved taking pictures with my camera on this trip.  Mommy discovered that it keeps him occupied at the table.  Win-win.

 We have dropped Miller's nap (most days) and he was one tired little boy come dinner time.

 This girl never stops smiling.  Especially with her daddy to entertain her.
He entertained the busy big kids too so that we could snap a couple of pictures with them in the same vicinity.

 Couldn't leave Annie out of the picture taking that night!

The last night of our stay we went to the clubhouse in the country club where we stayed.  It was great to let the kids play on the practice green while we waited for our food.

 Apparently we need to work on Miller's golf swing.  His soccer skills seem decent though.
This kid loves balls.  When it was time to go inside and I took Jacob's golf balls away he went ballistic.  He let his "pterodactyl scream" rip (as we endearingly call his ticked off cry).  Thankfully, Uncle Scott came to the rescue with a golf ball for him to keep. 

 I just wish he was a little bit cuter.

And if only she could look like her daddy.  Just a little bit.

The first picture we've ever gotten of all four of them with no one crying or trying to get away!  Never mind Miller's wet, uncombed hair or the fact that he appears to be eating Annie's hand.  Contrary to the lack of pictures, Nana and Papa Frank were also there and were so very helpful with all of the kids.  We had so much fun being all together for a whole week.  Coming back to reality with no playmates has been kind of tough.  I guess we'll just have to start a countdown until our ski trip with everyone :)


Jacob::14 Months::

I just skipped right over Jacob's 13th month post and with life as busy as it is I could have easily skipped over the 14th as well.  However, there have been lots of changes in the last few weeks that I want to be sure and note. 

Stats:  No official measurements this month, but Jacob weighs about 20 lbs.
Sizes: 12-18 month clothes, size 3 diapers

Schedule:  We are on a four hour schedule and dropped the 5:00 catnap shortly after his first birthday.  I toyed with dropping his morning nap for a few days when he didn't seem to be napping well in the afternoon, but have decided to stick with two naps for a little while longer.  Of course, there are some days when he only gets his afternoon nap, but he does just fine.

Sleep:  Still a great sleeper!  He is so cuddly right before bed and it is one of my favorite times with him, but he will let you know when he's ready for bed.  The other night he wiggled down from the rocking chair and walked over to his bed while I was trying to cuddle, ha!  Since we dropped the 5:00 nap, there are some nights I'll put him down as early as 6:00 or 6:30 and he'll still sleep until about 6:45-7:00.
Eating:  He loves to eat.  Anything green that is.  If it is green he will pick around it or spit it out if I am lucky enough to sneak it into his mouth.  Sigh.

Hanging out close to most of the day,

but prefers "da" when he's around.
 Loves baths,

 likes playing with Miller {until M starts to play rough},
LOVES music and will "sing" along

 and dance!
His favorite toy is still a ball and he loves to throw it back and forth with someone.  He is also getting a little more into books and especially likes touch-and-feel books.

Dislikes:  Riding in the car and waiting on food.  Zero patience.
Milestones:  We've been working on a sippy cup for the last two months, and he uses one about 99% of the time now.  I will occasionally give him a bottle if it doesn't seem like he's had much to drink that day, but it is pretty rare now. Thankfully that occasional bottle doesn't mess him up.

And the biggest milestone of the month....drumroll please... Jacob is walking!

A milestone for mommy is that he finally has a decorated nursery.  We never did anything in the rental house since we knew it was temporary and it took me a while to decide on his room.  Blake made this beautiful sign for over his bed and I LOVE it!
He has also added "da" (which in addition to meaning "ball" also means "daddy" now), and "mmmmmama" for me.  He stretches that first "m" waaaay out and it is so sweet.  And a little whiney.  But that's ok.

My dear Jacob, I feel the need to apologize to you for a few things.  I'm sorry that you are usually naked or in pajamas.  I'm sorry that your bumper pad looks like it was run over by a truck.  I'm sorry that your childhood is being documented by iPhone pics and not my beloved 50mm lens.  That is the life of a second child and as a second child myself I hope you will forgive me.  But.  Know that you are loved beyond measure and that I have truly treasured every moment with you because I know firsthand how quickly you will grow up.  And that is also the life of a second child.  I'm not wishing a minute of it away.  {Except for maybe the three hour car rides when you scream the whole time.  Just have to be honest.  Those are pretty bad.}  You bring me such joy it sometimes feels as though my heart will burst.  I thank the Lord for you!

Vacation Bible School

Ready for our first night!
 Miller was excited, but also a little nervous when I left him to go sit with my class. 
 One of his sweet teachers, Kristi.

It was just Miller and Ella Kate in the 3 year old class.  I'm not sure they really got along.

 Miller, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Kristi and Ella Kate

 Recreation with Blake and Sally

Ready for family night!  Not really sure what Miller was doing to Ella Kate, but apparently we need to work on personal space!

It was a wonderful week and I'm so thankful to all of the people in our church who work so hard every year to love on kids and teach them about the most important part of life, Jesus!  I pray that seeds were planted in Miller's heart that will take root and grow deeply.


Photo Session with Laura Rowe

While we were at the beach in May, we met a local photographer, Laura Rowe, at the state park for  family photo session.  I also wanted to go ahead and do Jacob's One Year pictures since we were there on his birthday.  She was absolutely wonderful and if you're in the Fairhope area, where she just moved, I highly recommend her!  She was so patient, sweet, and talented.  I was very impressed with the shots she was able to get considering a certain three and a half year old was making her really work for it ;)  A "few" of my favorites...