Governor Mastin

Hello friends.  We had another busy, but fun weekend.  Bryant headed down to Demopolis to go turkey hunting so Miller and I loaded up and went to Birmingham.  We had a great time with Poppy and Cissy.  
On Sunday we drove to Montgomery to be part of a very special day.  My cousin had her daughter , Olivia, baptised at the Governor's Mansion and we were so honored to witness such an important day in her life!  Of course, who could ask for a more beautiful location for a photo shoot so we took just a few pictures.  Maybe Miller will end up being governor someday and these will only be his first pictures as the mansion.  Who knows?  Hope your weekend was as blessed as ours!
Sweet Olivia, we pray that you will have a heart that longs to know and please the Lord!
I feel like he's thinking, "Ooh!! I want to live here!"  Me too brother, me too.  Except for the part about getting bashed by the media.  I wouldn't want any part of that.  Too soft I guess.
Sorry, Gran!  By the time we got to our pictures with you Miller was spent.  The good news was he slept all the way to Birmingham and he slept until almost 8:00 the next morning.  Mommy likey :)


Nude Tanning

Okay, well technically Miller is neither "nude" nor is he "tanning".  We did however get out for a little fresh air on Wednesday as it was such a beautiful day.  Miller absolutely LOVES being in only his diaper so I decided to take advantage of the perfect temperature and let him go au naturale.  
For the grandmothers out there, don't worry - Miller was only in the sun for about two minutes while I took these pictures.  Everybody needs a little vitamin D right?  I too took advantage of the warm weather and actually did tan burn a little, though I was fully clothed {you're welcome}.  After our photo shoot it was back to the shade for a little snack...
and an exploratory dig.
On another note, check out the full, luscious hair Miller is getting:
This picture cracks me up because it looks like he has a mohawk.  His hair is still fine and light but it actually is coming in just a little bit thicker than it has been.  It is so blond he looks bald though.  Oh well, at least it will be cool for summer!


Aunt Kate

 Kate came up to visit this weekend while Scott was at a golf tournament.  We always love when she comes home and Miller is one lucky little boy to have such a fun aunt!  Friday night we all had dinner at the Mastin's house and Kate came over to play a little on Saturday.  We were thankful for another sunny day and time with family!


Here comes the sun..

finally!!! After weeks with no sunshine it was odd and exciting to finally see it. It's amazing how a sunny day can make you feel: warm, happy, grateful. I was reminded of how I praise the Lord so easily during the "sunny" times of my life, because those are the times that feel warm and make me happy. How quick am I to praise him in the rain though? Is the Lord not present at at work in these times too? I thought also about how I take those sunny days for granted until I haven't seen one in a while. When the clouds break and the sunshine finally comes through, I am all the more grateful. It is the rain that makes us thankful for the sun. Lord, may I learn to praise you no matter the circumstance!

We took advantage of this sunny day by spending lots of time outside. Miller and I took a stroll by the lake and then came home to play outside. I set up Miller's new outdoor tent instead of loading him up with sunscreen {which perhaps I should have used on myself}. He seemed to enjoy being outside and loved his new tent.
Thank you Lord for each and every day, rain or shine!


Giggle Box

Miller's giggle box got turned over today. If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will!



Yes, I am talking about my own child in such a way.  But wouldn't you agree that he looks like Godzilla next to itty bitty Hunter and Hays!  We took these pictures back in January when we went to watch the Super Bowl and Kendall and Will's house, but I kept forgetting to post them.  While Hunter and Hays have grown since these last pictures, Miller is still pretty gigantic compared to them.  Kendall and I talk about how weird it is that someday they'll be the same size.  Crazy.  Big or small, I hope they'll all be the best of friends!


My first attempt...

This weekend my mom and John came up to visit.  On Friday night they watched Miller so that Bryant and I could go on a date night.  We are so blessed to have so many grandparents who are willing to babysit so that Bryant and I can continue to spend alone time together occasionally.  Saturday went by in a whirlwind!   My mom helped me refresh some sewing skills and learn a few new ones then we took a break for we lunch followed by a little shopping.  The night ended with steaks (thanks Bryant!) and my mom and I finishing up my first outfit since she and John had to leave in the morning. It was such a great visit, but of course, too short.  So quick in fact that I did not take a single picture from their visit!  We joked that we should have finished the entire outfit before we went and bought who-knows-how-many yards of fabric for future rompers.  :)  I'm trying to remind myself that the more I practice, the easier they will be to make.  My next step is to learn how to applique.  My mom gave me a quick tutorial, but I will of course need to practice before actually putting one on an outfit.  If anyone has any great tips for appliqueing let me know!  Here is the final product.  Nothing amazing, but I am so proud to have at least finished it!!
{Yes, those are safety pins.  I had not quite figured out how to sew button holes when I was trying it on Miller.}


Seven Months Old

I know I say this every month, but I can't believe Miller is already seven months old. It has absolutely flown by. These days Miller is eating bananas, avocado, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, squash, rice cereal, and oatmeal. He's not picky and the boy can eat! He can sit up by himself and  he can scoot around on the floor pretty well, though he's not crawling yet.  He's down to two solid naps a day, occasionally taking a third "cat nap" and sleeps from seven pm to seven am. This weekend he even let me sleep until 7:45 Saturday and Sunday. Yes, I am doing a happy dance. Miller is a very content, happy baby and he brings us so much joy. We praise God for his unspeakable gifts!

Miller's Swing

Bryant spent Saturday afternoon building a stand to hang a swing for Miller from. After church on Sunday, we decided to test it out. Miller didn't seem too enthralled yet, but I'm sure when he gets a little bigger he'll love it. Plus the sun was in his eyes.  I let him borrow my shades but he didn't seemed thrilled about that either.  I guess we'll have to get him a pair of baby Oakleys.  
Now if we could just get some warm weather we could actually enjoy it! This is what our swing looked like today. 
 Thanks anyway, Daddy!