Party Animal

First things first, thank you for all of the sweet comments and well wishes!  I had actually been feeling a little better the past few days and then... today happened.  It was ugly.

Thankfully, I was able to clean myself up and pull myself together for Miller's school Halloween party.  He had parties at school yesterday and today.  He goes on a weird two-day schedule which is why he had parties on both days.  The first day I got there a little early and was able to watch the class sing a few songs.  They were so precious and I was amazed at how well they all sat on their "color" and participated.
This is the first year Miller has picked out his costume which was fun.  I took him to Target one day and he didn't like anything there.  I was about to just pick something for him, but I wasn't really crazy about any of the ones they had left in his size either.  Thankfully at Belk they had a few in his size and he chose this puppy dog costume, or "carnoon" as he calls it.
 Miller and Saylor
 Miller and Olivia
 Snack time!
 Gran got in town just in time for the party today {and just in time to take care of my child while I laid on the sofa and picked at food}.

 Showing off his goodies
Hunter and Hays came to visit us after their party was over.  It is about impossible to get a picture of all three boys looking at the camera and smiling.  This was the best I could get.
Sweet Ms. Jennifer.  Miller LOVES her.  She is such an amazing teacher and we're so blessed to have her again this year.  Thanks for a great party Ms. Jennifer!


Miller's News

The word is out!  Miller will be a big brother some time in May.  May 16th is my exact due date, which happens to be Kendall's birthday.  We told most people using that fancy t-shirt I made {I'm thinking about starting a small business}, but I left this on the front porch one day when Kendall was coming over to play with her boys.
The test was a couple days old so you can barely tell it's positive in this picture.

Here's the little peanut's first picture and a little more proof than just a blue line which allowed me to breathe a big sigh of relief.
I am ten weeks today and counting down the days until the first trimester is over.  I'll spare you the gory details, but most days are not the best.  I'm not expecting to win any mother-of-the-year awards this month.  We've eaten a lot of leftovers and take-out, played outside very little, and watched more cartoons than I care to admit.
Hopefully this part will be over soon and I can get back to cooking, cleaning, working out, providing stimulating activities for my toddler, and brushing my teeth more thoroughly (major gag).  Bryant has been so helpful and has yet to complain about his mess of a wife or mess of a house.  While I'm definitely ready for the sick part to be over, I'm so excited and feel so blessed to get to experience pregnancy and motherhood again.  We are thanking the Lord and would covet your prayers for a healthy baby!


Forgot about this one...

I was looking through some pictures on my iPhone and came across this sweet moment I had forgotten all about...
Miller is not a fan of the fire at the Japanese restaurant.  He loves the waterfall there and the food, but he could do without the entertainment factor of the chef preparing his meal for him.  Cuddles are rare from this toddler so we'll take them anyway we can get them.



ABC/Old McDonald Remix {you have to listen very closely for the "e-i-e-i-o"}:

Miller telling me about his day at Dream Duck a few weeks ago:

 Fun in the shower waterfall!


Alabama's Homecoming

Thursday night we went down to Tuscaloosa for a long weekend.  Bryant played in a golf tournament that was a fundraiser for Alabama's golf team.  Scott, our brother-in-law, is the assistant coach and put a lot of work into planning the tournament.  Bryant hated to a take a day off work to play golf, but it's important to support family :)  We took Miller out to the course Friday afternoon when they were announcing the winners and he had a blast.  I hate we didn't get any pictures.  He had lots of wide open space to run and loved rolling a ball into all of the holes on the practice green.  The miniature flags in each hole were a hit, too.

After Miller's nap on Saturday, we went on campus for a little tailgating.
Miller insisted on walking the whole way from the car to the tailgate.  He was mesmerized by all of the action.
One of Miller's favorite tailgating activities was kicking a pile of dirt.  Isn't that what everyone does when tailgating?
 Poppy stopped by to visit and play, too.
He brought Miller a little football which he loved.  He, Miller and Scott had fun running a few plays.
 We also got to see sweet Malley girl a lot this trip.

 Sweet cousins
Next time we'll plan a little better so we can tailgate a little longer.  It was a little rushed to get there, hangout a few minutes, and then head back to exchange Miller since he wasn't going to the game.  I should have put Miller down for his nap sooner and we should have been ready to walk out the door as soon as he got up.  Lesson learned.  

Appropriately, Miller learned to say "Roll Tide" this weekend.  It's pretty cute, although I can think of another phrase which would be even better ;)


Twenty-Six Months

Miller is twenty-six months old today!  I won't do a real detailed update, but I do want to note some of the words he's saying right now that I want to remember.  

"cado" - avocado
"farfall" - waterfall
"snake" - steak
"chiglios" cheerios
"ogurt" - yogurt
"mama blue ogurt" - mama's blue yoga mat
"allfant" - elephant or muffin (??)
"strawbies" - strawberries
"oxagon" - hexagon

Here's what we've been up to this weekend...
Friday night we took Miller to his first football game.  We went to our local high school's game and it was a fun night out!  Miller didn't watch any of the game {shocking I know}, but he did run about a million miles, watch the band at halftime, cry whenever he saw the mascot, and pick up a few chicks.
Saturday morning Bryant took Miller up to Dream Duck so I could sleep in a little.  I'd been up late helping at a 5th Quarter for our Youth Group.  When they got back they did a little work that afternoon and spread some grass seed.
 Today we went to church and I had to snap a picture of the cute outfit Nana got for him.
This afternoon we went to our church picnic and I'm so mad I forgot my camera.  Truth be told, I probably wouldn't have had much time to take pictures.  As usual, Miller. was. everywhere.  That's what two year olds do though, right?

P.S.  Please keep praying for Addie.  In addition to Group B Strep, she has also been diagnosed with Pneumonia.  :(  Pray that the antibiotics kick in soon and she'll start making some improvement!