Did I have any part in this???

Yes this is a cute baby, but no it is not Miller; it's his daddy! I came across this baby picture of Bryant today and could not believe how much it looks like Miller. I think my only contribution was carrying him for nine months :)


A few firsts...

Over the last few weeks we've had a few "first" experiences with Miller. I've learned to go ahead and add about thirty minutes to anything I try to plan for. :) We are loving being parents and enjoy Miller so much. He is so absolutely precious and we can't get enough of him!!

Our first night out. We went to Craw Mama's with Will and Kendall. Miller slept the whole time!
Waaaaaaar Eagle! Ready for the Auburn game. (We watched on TV of course).
I had to convince Bryant that this isn't an "Auburn" outfit. It just happens to be orange and blue. :)

After Miller's first time to church! We weren't ready in time to take pictures before we went and by the time we got back Miller had a bit of a blowout (hence the burp clothe underneath him :)
Miller and Bryant after church.
The rest of the pictures below are just some that we've taken over the past few weeks. He is getting so big!


One Month Old

I can't believe Miller is already one month old! Here are a few pics from his one month "birthday" and the days surrounding it. The first picture is of Miller at One Month. In the one below it he was just a few days old. He's already changed so much!
On another note, my appointment went well on Monday. I am on the road to recovery :) Thanks for your prayers!