Jacob - Six Months

Stats:  15 lbs, 25 inches (totally forgot to ask the doctor about percentiles)

Sizes:  Size 2 or 3 diapers, 6-9 month clothes
Schedule:  We are still on a three hour schedule, but I dropped the Dream Feed {again}.  I added it back after Jacob was sick and not sleeping well at night which also happened to coincide with the time change.  It's only been about three nights, but so far so good.  He is waking up around 6:00 so we base our schedule on that wake time.

Sleep:  Jacob is sleeping from about 7 pm until 6 am.  He's a decent napper, but I think he'd be more consistent if we were more consistent with his schedule.  It is just about impossible to get three naps at home these days, but we try really hard to be sure he at least gets a good morning nap and afternoon nap.  We still swaddle him from the waist down and he sleeps with his paci and lovie.

Eating:  We started solid food this month.  So far we have tried rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, apples, yogurt, avocado, and prunes.  He is doing pretty well with solids and seems to like thick as opposed to runny food.  I'd say his favorites are sweet potatoes and yogurt mixed with prunes.  I am still nursing and Jacob has formula occasionally.

Here he is ready for his first bite of rice cereal!  Big brother was so excited to help.
Not so sure about it...
Miller kept asking him, "What do you think, Jacob?" in a sweet baby voice.
Miller was begging to try it even though I promised him it was gross.  I finally just gave him what he wanted and let him taste it.  I think he believed me after that :)
Loving some sweet potatoes!

Likes: paci, lovie, reading books, his playmat, being held upright/sitting up with help, excersaucer {for a few minutes}, baths, rocking/cuddling, laughing at his brother {It should be noted that he thinks it is funny when Miller gets in trouble.  Uh oh.}

Dislikes: being on his tummy for more than a minute or so, getting his nose wiped or cleaned out, waiting to eat
Milestones:  Jacob isn't sitting up on his own yet, but is getting closer.  He is also really close to being able to pick up his paci and put it in his mouth.  He can get it there, but can't always put it in correctly.  We also finally put the crib in Jacob's room.
{Guess I should probably have broken the iron out on that bedskirt.  Oops.}

Miller is still loving playing big brother.  It will be interesting to see if he still loves it whenever Jacob starts crawling and taking away toys :)  For now though, it is really sweet.  We just have to keep a close eye on him or he tries to pick him up without help.

A few months back this is what happened to Jacob when I wasn't paying attention...
Sorry little buddy!  

It is crazy to think that Jacob is more than halfway to his first birthday.  He is such a blessing and I cannot get enough of his cuddles.  Before I put him in bed he snuggles up to me with his head on my chest and it makes it hard to put him down.  Pure sweetness.  


Thanksgiving Program & Big Boy Bed

Last week Miller's Preschool had their annual Thanksgiving Program.  Miller was so excited about it and practiced the words to the songs at home for about a week beforehand.  When it was showtime though, he was having too much fun looking at everyone's costumes to sing.  He did at least stand there and smile most of the time.  Occasionally he let out a few lyrics, but very shyly.  He had quite the fan club to cheer him on...
Our three year old turkey
We were hoping to get a few pictures afterwords, but he was having none of it.

In other news, we finally moved Miller from his crib into a twin bed. He recently climbed out twice and one of the times he busted his nose in the process, so we decided it was time.  I was terrified of making this transition, but he has done really well.  He's had to get a few spankings in order to learn to stay in his bed, but it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.  Here's his big boy bed ready and waiting!

This change also means that Jacob finally has a crib to sleep in instead of the pack-n-play.  He didn't even seem to notice when we switched it on him.  We were going to just wait to move it when we actually move, but the completion date on our house has been bumped back so we decided to go ahead and move it to his room since it will be a while.  Be back soon with his six month post if I can ever remember to get a picture of him in the chair!


House Update 5

I had great intentions of documenting this whole building experience much more.  Then reality hit.  Most of the times I'm at the house, I'm either juggling the kids or quickly meeting with our builder and subs while trying to hurry home to relieve whoever is keeping the kids.  I have snapped a few here and there with my phone, but there is still a lot I haven't photographed.  Even now, these pictures aren't up to date.  Oh well, better than nothing I guess!

Master Shower
 Master Bath
 Mudroom Hallway/Laundry Room Floor

Kitchen Island

Dining Room Light

Crown Molding/Paint
{Just about the whole house is Sherwin Williams Bungalow Beige.}

Exterior Lights

They should be installing all of our counter-tops this week so I'll try REALLY hard to get pics of the cabinets once they're on.  We've been given an estimated move-in date of early December.  I'm skeptical, but we'll see!


When's it gonna be Hawoween again?

Miller asked us that when we were getting him ready for bed on Halloween night.  I'd say that indicates he had a pretty fun day.  We started the day by getting dressed for school in his pirate costume.  He wasn't very accommodating to my request for pictures.
Later that morning, I got Jacob in his costume so that we could go to Miller's party at school.  Miller must have asked me ten times to be sure to put Jacob's "giwaffe" costume on him before we came.  I was happy to oblige since he was just a little adorable in it.
Miller was so excited when we got there to help him make his spider cupcake.
Jacob was so sweet and good the whole time.  It helped that he had lots of things to look at and entertain him.
 Lined up and ready to trick-or-treat
My dad got Miller this big hand with a bag attached for trick-or-treating.  Miller made sure I had it in my car before he left for school so that he could use it.  We only had a few casualties from his awkward maneuvering of it.
Miller wasn't shy and grabbed about six pieces of candy from each bucket.  Thankfully, the church volunteers were kind and let him continue on.  {And maybe talked about that greedy pirate once we were out of earshot.}
 Miller and his teacher, Ms. Mara
 Jackson and Miller
That evening we went to our church for Trunk-or-Treat.  Kendall and Will joined us with their kids and we had a great time!  Getting a good picture of three preschoolers is about impossible.  We didn't even attempt to get the babies in there.
 Check out Miller's "cheese" face.  Make. It. Stop.
 Jacob was in attendance and spent a lot of the night cuddled up with Daddy.
 Trick-or-Treating time!

Precious Addie was less than thrilled with the stroller, but she lasted long enough to let the boys get plenty of candy.
 Ty and Miller
 Ladies' Man
It was a busy day, but in some ways I'm glad that all of the celebrating was condensed to one day.  Miller has forgotten about his candy for the most part which is fine by me.  Occasionally he'll ask for a piece, but he's still at the age where "out of sight, out of mind" works pretty well.  Hopefully next year I'll be better and get a shot of the boys together and maybe even one with me in it.  *Miller and Jacob - I promise I was present for your childhood ;)

Hope you had a great Halloween as well!