North Carolina Trip

We were blessed to be able to return to Balsam Mountain Preserve in North Carolina last week.  We stayed in the same house as our trip last year and had a wonderful time.  This was Jacob's first big trip and I must admit I was pretty nervous about how he'd do. Thankfully, he was an angel and I was able to get in some good relaxation.  The only hard part was the drive, because he is the world's strangest baby and doesn't sleep in the car.  Seriously.  What newborn doesn't sleep in the car?  Each way, he took about 2-3 naps that lasted a total of about 45 minutes.  It was a six hour drive, y'all.  Crazy.  Bryant's parents let Miller ride with them on the way up so that was a big help.  He slept great once we got there though!  Brace yourself for just a few pictures...

Miller and Malley were able to play together a little more this year, although they still tend to do their own thing.  Nana's new book was a hit with both big kids, but especially Miller.
I enjoyed a few afternoon catnaps on the porch with Jacob.
 My handsome dinner date...
 Papa and Malley
We were so excited that Jacob finally got to meet Uncle Scott!  He's been a little busy with his new job.  This teeny tiny position called Head Golf Coach for Vanderbilt.  :)
 Malley was loving her some "ba ba" as she called Jacob. 

She loved watching him on the video monitor while he slept and gave him lots of virtual kisses and "pat pats".  We hope the monitor will keep her this entertained when she becomes a big sister in January!

Miller spent lots of time in the pool practicing swimming and playing.  He is doing so well with all that he learned in swim lessons or "swimming with his belly on" as he calls it. {As opposed to swimming with his floaties on.}
 Silly boy
 After all that swimming it was time for a little snack!
Love this sweet boy.
 I think it's time to retire the floppy hat that was extra floppy this trip. 
This was pretty funny.  I bought Miller some cheapo goggles {or "gobbles" if you're two} to try out.  They were a little snug, but he was all about them.  In the house at least. 
When we asked him if he wanted to swim in them, he said, "No.  I just want to swim with my eyes out like that fish on my bathing suit."  That would be this fish...
Haha!  So funny the things kids notice.  Miller also spent lots of time playing outside doing what little boys do best.
One day, everyone except Jacob and I went for a little trip to the campsite on the preserve.  Miller was pretty pumped to find a creek.
We had dinner at the Boarding House of the preserve two nights and it didn't disappoint either time!

 They had a mean kid's grilled cheese that I considered ordering myself...
These two have the sweetest relationship and I'm so thankful for it!

Jacob did really well each night that we went out to eat.  This was especially good considering this is usually his crankiest time of day.  It didn't hurt that we had lots of people who were happy to hold a fussy baby if needed.

 Sweet cousins...

 Miller loves his Nana!

We tried to get a picture of all three kids together, but weren't too successful. 
Thanks for a great trip, Papa and Nana!  We made so many wonderful memories and can't wait to do it again!


Stuckey Family Reunion

Last weekend we went to my mom's house for the Stuckey family reunion.  Yes, you read that right.  Stuckey.  That was my maternal grandmother's maiden name.  She was one of eight children and therefore we have lots of members of the Stuckey clan.  Only two of the sisters are living and we were so glad they could make the trip to join us!  Here they are with all of the "children" of the Stuckey siblings (those that were at the reunion that day anyway, others were there the day before).

So here is my mom with her siblings...
and here are all of their children (my first cousins)
and now our children (minus Jacob who was sleeping and Tyler who couldn't make it)
There were lots of other family members there too, but this is just our family tree.  It was a crazy, but fun weekend filled with lots of food, laughter, and stories.
Jacob got lots of cuddles from everyone.
Miller looks pretty sneaky here, huh?  Apparently he was thinking, I wonder what would happen if I took a big bite of Jacob's toe...  Oh yes he did.

Apart from that little incident, Miller had a pretty good time.  He showed off what he learned at swim lessons last week and he went tubing for the first time.
It was so great to visit with family that we don't get to see too often.  Thanks for hosting everyone, Mom and John!


Jacob - Two Months

Stats:  11 lbs. 11 oz. (74th percentile), 23 inches long (76th percentile)

Likes: baths, pacifier (although we only give him one if he is awake, we are out somewhere, or he is having a serious meltdown), mommy and daddy's voices, activity mat, bouncy seat, to be swaddled
Sorry these are a little blurry.  Jacob seems to be a pretty light sleeper so I've had a hard time getting a good picture while he's still asleep and swaddled.  I tried leaving the lights off and drapes closed this day and got a few snaps before he woke up from the sound of my camera.
Sizes: Size 2 diapers, 0-3 month clothes

6:00/6:30 Wake up, Eat
Awake for 45 minutes total
6:45/7:15-9:00/9:30 Nap
9:00/9:30 Eat
9:50-10:15 Play
10:15-12:30 Nap (This is the time of day we get out for errands, etc if needed.)
12:30 Eat (No matter what time he gets up, we're usually back on track by this feeding.)
Awake time if he napped well before lunch.  If not, he goes right down for his nap.
1:00-3:30 Nap
3:30 Eat
3:50-4:15 Play
4:15-6:30 Nap (This is usually his least predictable nap and fussiest time of the day.  We do whatever we can to get through it: swing, cuddle, bouncy seat, whatever)
6:30 Eat, Cuddle, Read
7:00 Bedtime
9:45 Eat
*From here Jacob goes to sleep easily and sleeps until anywhere between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m.

We do throw a bath in there occasionally every few days, but not as often as I'd really like.  The biggest part of Jacob's schedule is not keeping him up longer than 45 minutes at a time.  He gets overtired very easily and if one nap is bad it can have a major domino affect.  On the upside, if we start the day off with good naps we usually have a great day.

Milestones:  Jacob started sleeping through the night occasionally when he was five weeks old.  He gradually worked his way up from a couple of nights a week to almost every night now.  Occasionally he'll surprise us and wake up around 4:00 a.m., but that's pretty rare now.  {Tonight he'll wake up at 2 a.m. just to prove me wrong :) }  It is wonderful, but we're in that weird morning phase where it's hard to get on schedule since you never really know when his morning is going to start.  I hope to start running in the mornings before the boys are up, but I've only been able to go once since I don't know when Jacob will wake up and be ready to eat.  Also, Jacob started smiling last week!  It is so sweet and we are constantly trying to make him smile.  I haven't been able to catch a smile on camera yet, but it's not for lack of trying!
Jacob has brought us such joy these past two months and we can't wait to see what the next month holds!  We love you, Jacob!



Sorry I've been away so long {I know you've all been waiting with bated breath}.  We've been wrapped up in newborn scheduling and summertime fun.  Ok, so maybe I've been wrapped up in that first one while Miller and Bryant have been enjoying summer.  I've barely left the house.  While I miss my usual summer tan, it is well worth it to have a routine with Jacob.  I am a schedule person and I'm much more relaxed when I know what he needs and what to expect {well most of the time, as a newborn he still keeps me on my toes ;) }.  Anyway, more on him later.  Miller and Bryant have been spending lots of afternoons and weekends in the water to beat the heat.

Last week, Miller started swim lessons.  Here he is ready to go on his first day.
He has a slight obsession with "splashlights", as he calls them.  Contrary to his name for it, he wasn't allowed to take it with him to swim lessons :)

Yesterday we were able to go for a little parents' show and see what he learned in his eight days of lessons.  Jacob tagged along and since it was during his typical fussy time of the day I was a bit concerned about taking care of him and also giving Miller my undivided attention.  Thankfully Jacob  was super sweet and barely made a peep.  It may or may not have been due to having a slight fever after receiving vaccination shots today.

Miller was so excited to see us when we walked in.  Sadly, my camera fogged up severely when we walked into the indoor pool due to the heat and humidity.  The "show" was so quick that I didn't really have a chance to fix it before it was over so I don't have any good pictures.  I had to include this one though to see how happy Miller was when we got there.
That didn't last long.  He went from confident, big boy swimmer to crying mama's boy in about two seconds.  He wanted me to sit with him and for me to hold him, dripping wet and all.  Note to self: do not wear white jeans to a toddler's swim show.  Next time, I'll be going grungy.  In addition to not being able to get any good pictures, I discovered that our video camera battery was dead as we were walking out of the door to go.  Thank goodness for smartphones.  Bryant took this little video of Miller "swimming" on his iPhone.

Obviously we have some practicing to do, but we were pleased with the little bit he learned.
In other news, Jacob is two months old today!  I hope to be back soon with his two month post!