Addison Faith Ainsworth

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know my best friend Kendall.  We've been friends since our freshman year at Auburn and I'm so blessed to have her just five minutes down the road now.  Without her and her husband, I wouldn't have met my husband.  Her boys, Hunter and Hays, are  already Miller's two best friends.  Hardly a day goes by that we don't at least talk on the phone and a week rarely goes by that we don't get together at least once.  You get the gist, she (and her whole family) are pretty important to me :)

Anyway, she delivered a beautiful baby girl on Tuesday!  Yay for fun girl stuff!!  At first everything seemed ok, but then the pediatrician started to become concerned about her rapid breathing.  He decided to admit her to the NICU at St. Vincents and after tests they discovered she has a little fluid in her lungs (or is the actual term "on" her lungs... I don't know).  Now, apparently this is kind of normal and not a huge deal since they caught it.  If she had gone home, different story.  However, now they have also diagnosed her with Group B Strep.  She has to stay in the NICU at least another eight days while she gets a full round of antibiotics.  You might remember that Kendall and Will are old pros when it comes to the NICU since their twins came so early.  I know how much Kendall was looking forward to a "normal" birth experience and I just hate that she's having to do this all over again.  Only this time, she has two other babies at home to worry about.  

My mind has been thinking about all of them constantly and I think the Lord is probably about to get tired of my prayers ;)  Please, please pray for sweet Addie.  Pray for a swift recovery and for wisdom for her doctors and nurses.  Pray for patience and peace for Kendall and Will.  Pray for the grandparents that are all helping to take care of Hunter and Hays back home.  If you'd like to do a little more than pray, here's a way you can help ease the financial burden this next week is going to bring. 


Thank you for your prayers!!


We're still alive...

Don't give up on us.  We're still here.  Here's a little proof...

Miller and Bryant watching Bama play {Miller only lasted as long as the snacks did.}
 I feel as though I should introduce you all to cow, or "tow" as Miller calls him.
Miller has never been really stuck on a paci, blanket, lovie, animal, etc. but he has recently become very attached to this cow.  Part of me feels like it's been nice that we've made it this far without him becoming obsessed with one single object that we will more than likely lose.  For that reason, we are trying to keep his attachment to a minimum.  It is pretty dang cute though.  

Off-roading at Dream Duck
That's all for now!  Apparently I have taken a hiatus from my camera.  I'll try to be better :)


Miller's First Four-wheeler Ride

Ok, so technically this was Miller's second four-wheeler ride, but that's just not quite as catchy.  Bryant took Miller out to Dream Duck, the hunting land we own with a few other people, last Sunday and that was his real first ride.  I wasn't there to video that one though.  Miller wanted to ride again one afternoon so Bryant took him around our yard a few times.  He wants to ride it every time we walk past it in the garage; which is really fun when we're in a hurry to get somewhere :)

I'm sure this is just the beginning of many "manly" adventures that will terrify this mama!


Labor Day 2011

My college friends had our sixth annual Labor Day trip to my parents' lake house this weekend.  It is pretty crazy to think how much has changed since those first few trips.  On the first one, Bryant and I had just started dating and there were no kids.  This year we had five children there and we were missing quite a few.  Next year if everyone comes, we'll have ELEVEN little ones.  Wow.  It definitely changes the dynamics of the trip!
Waving to Aubey
Sweet Evelyn
 Jordan and Sally Caroline.  She wins the prize for the being the best baby EVER.
 The front of the boat is definitely the preferred hangout.
 Sam and John
Sam and Miller sharing a few snacks
Maggee and Emily
 What did you think about the boat ride, Sam?
After all that time outside we had some dirty babies.  We decided to make it easy on us and throw them all in one tub.  Unfortunately, I didn't pay very good attention to my camera settings.  Sorry for the crummy picture.
 Annual PJ pic
One night my mom bribed all of the kiddos to eat by promising cake with a candle.  We sang "Happy Labor Day" to them and they thought it was so much fun!
 This is where poor John spent most of his time...
 We ate, and ate, and ate some more.  Fancy stuff too.  This was dessert one night...
 Poached pears with mascarpone filling and fresh whipped cream.  Amazing!
 This is really what SC looked like the entire weekend.  She is so happy allllll the time.  Love it!
Every time I'm with my friends I am more and more amazed by all of them.  We are so blessed to have each other and I love them dearly!  Mom and John, thanks for letting us bombard every square inch of your house and for all that you did to help.  We love you!