Baby Annie

Our second niece, Ann Katherine Limbaugh, was born on January 4th!  We were so excited to drive up to Nashville to welcome her into the world the day after she was born.
 Miller was so sweet with Annie and shyly asked if he could hold her.
And then...he was done.  Poor Kate was probably seasick from Miller playing "elevator" once he found the buttons on her bed.  After we made that game off-limits, he decided to hang with Uncle Scott and watch some basketball.
 Kate and Annie!
I truly could not get enough of that precious baby girl.  I spent most of our time there hogging her.  Bryant was cool with it and decided to stick to holding our baby.
 I would have loved to get more pictures, but this is how I roll these days...
Sorry, baby Jake.  I'm so glad to have two nieces that I can hopefully do girly things with and for as they grow up since I'm surrounded by boys.  I only wish they lived closer!!  Thankfully, Nashville isn't too far and we get to see them often.  Congratulations, Kate and Scott on another beautiful, baby girl!


Jacob - Eight Months

"Oh!  Is it my birthday?"
 Unfortunately, I couldn't get a smile this time around.
He's still pretty sweet even when he's serious though.

Here's brother at eight months just for comparison sake.  I see no resemblance in these pics.  Do you?
Stats: weighs about 15.5 lbs on our scale at home
Sizes: size 3 diapers, 6-9 and some 9-12 month clothing

Schedule:  We are finally back to a four hour schedule!   {Cue the Hallelujah chorus}  It doesn't sound like it would make much of a difference, but our day has such a better flow on this schedule.  Jacob has finally stopped waking up so early (5:30ish) and sleeps until about 7:00 or 7:30 most days.  He nurses, eats breakfast, and then plays until about 9:00 or 9:30.  His morning nap usually lasts about two hours.  Another recent development is that he has finally reached the point where even if he doesn't sleep that whole time, he will lay in his bed quietly.  This is huge.  I love being able to count on that full two hours and a more fixed schedule.  When he gets up around 11:30, he nurses, eats lunch, plays, and reads books with Miller while we get ready for afternoon naps.  Both boys go down for naps around 1:30.  Miller is usually awake by 2:30 or so, but Jacob's nap lasts until about 3:30.  Again, even if he doesn't always sleep he will at least lay quietly in his bed and rest.  He nurses at 3:30 and then plays until about 5:30 when he takes a little catnap.  Sometimes we'll keep him up during this time, but some days he is just way to tired to make it all the way to bedtime.  He eats dinner with us around 6:00 or 6:30, nurses, and then goes to bed for the night around 7:00. 
Sleep:  As you can see, he is sleeping so much better since we moved.  His room really is so quiet here and I think that helps a lot.  We dropped the swaddle completely about a week ago.  He still sleeps with lots of pacis and his lovie.  Occasionally he will wake up crying at night, but all he wants is a paci.  At the beginning of this month, he went through a phase of getting stuck on his tummy and screaming bloody murder until someone flipped him over.  He has finally moved past that and will either sleep on his tummy or roll back over.  He still doesn't sleep in the car very well, but will sometimes sleep for about 30 minutes on a road trip.  I love putting him to bed.  I give him his paci, lay his lovie on my shoulder, start singing and he lays his sweet little head on my shoulder.  After I make myself put him down he rubs his lovie all over his face and goes right to sleep.  So sweet.
Eating:  Jacob nurses four times a day and eats solids three times a day.  The boy can eat and loves his food.  I haven't found anything that he doesn't like.  Foods we've added lately are avocado {he wasn't crazy about this a while back, but now he likes it}, broccoli, asparagus, and flax seed {mixed with other foods}.

Likes: his paci, his lovie, toys that play music, chewing on things, being tickled, being kissed on the tummy and neck, books, mommy, daddy, Miller, baths
Dislikes: being left alone to play for more than a few minutes, getting his diaper changed, waiting for food
This is the face I see just about every time I put him down.
Milestones:  No major milestones this month.  Still no teeth and he isn't mobile yet.  I have found him twice about three feet away from where I left him, but I have not witnessed if he rolls or scoots on his bottom.  One time he was sitting up and one time he was on his tummy.  I am in NO hurry for him to crawl.  I am soaking up every minute of being able to know exactly where he is at all times and cannot imagine how I'll handle both boys once he is mobile!

A few more recent pics {Unfortunately all iphone pics.  Poor second kid.}
Miller pushed Jacob around in his high chair for about twenty minutes the other day.  It was great rainy-day entertainment for both boys!
"Watching" cartoons with big brother.  Don't worry, I only left him there long enough to clean up the spit up that had just been spewed all over me.  And yes, those are Halloween pjs on Miller. :)
I'm so thankful for the last eight months and my only complaint is that it's going too fast!  Love this little guy so much!


Our first guests!

On Christmas afternoon, Pop and Gran came up to visit us.  They were our first guests in our new house, but I'm not sure they got treated as guests should.  We worked them ragged while they were here and John cooked every dinner!  I think my camera was lost among boxes {or maybe just my brain was} and I didn't get a single picture from their visit.  Thankfully, mom took several on her iPhone and shared them with me.  Being iPhone pics they're not the best quality, but I'm glad we at least have something to remember this visit!
Trying for a shot with the boys.  Always a struggle ;)

Miller was excited to show Pop his new fishing pole from Santa!  This fishing pole has found it's way to the garage until Spring.  We were a little tired of finding the line wrapped and tangled all around the house... and Jacob.
The next morning it was time for gifts with Pop and Gran.  Would you believe that this is the only family picture we have from this Christmas.  Pitiful.  I need an accountability partner next year.
Everybody checking out Jacob's new toy.  Big brother has enjoyed it too!
Mom, don't you know this is our second baby.  You're supposed to push him down, not teach him to walk ;)
Sweet baby boy
After gifts and breakfast, everybody got back to the business of unpacking.  Miller followed John around with his toy tools and was his little assistant.
You wouldn't believe how much we were able to get done while they were here!   Mom and John, thanks for coming to us this year and being so helpful!  I'd like to promise a relaxing visit next time you come, but I already have a list of projects in mind  : / 


Christmas Day

Better late than never, I guess :)  We were so thrilled to be able spend Christmas morning in our new house!  We moved on December 21st and were settled enough to celebrate at home.
I didn't charge our video camera the night before, because it indicated the battery was half full.  Not so.  Sadly, this was all I was able to get and most of it is my own annoying voice.

Miller was so excited to see everything waiting for him and for Jacob.
 This sweet baby had a great first Christmas!
 Bryant was pumped about his new ornament ;)
After a few gifts, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus with the cake Santa left.
 Somehow we made it through all of the gifts before Miller noticed this...
 We had to run out and check it out right away!
Unfortunately, we haven't been able to play on this much with all of the rain, but Miller has loved it when we've had the chance to play.  Hopefully by Spring we'll have pea gravel, a fence, and some plants in!

After playing, we went in for breakfast, Jesus' birthday cake, and to get ready for the rest of the day.  I had to get a shot of the chaotic aftermath!

After a little cleanup, went to Bryant's parents' house for lunch and gifts.  Miller loved his big wheel from Nana and Papa and his sleeping bag from Betty Jo!
Jacob got plenty of loot, too!
Apparently Betty Jo needed a little help with her gifts.

It was a wonderful Christmas and so much fun to see Miller not only enjoy all of the festivities, but also begin to understand the meaning behind it all. It's a little sad that it's all over, but also nice to get back to a normal routine.  Next year I vow to charge the video camera, take a family picture, take a picture of the boys before they come downstairs, and maybe brush Miller's hair at some point in the day.  :)  We hope you had a blessed Christmas as well!


Merry {belated} Christmas

For those of you who aren't on our mailing list, this was our Christmas/Change of Address card this year. {Minus our actual address, because that feels a little creepy to post so publicly}.  Beth and Anna, fellow Auburn Chi O's, whipped up this precious card for us and even addressed/mailed them all out for me.  Thanks girls ;)  If you need any custom cards or other paper goods be sure to check them out!  We hope you all had a blessed Christmas even if it is January!


Christmas Parties!

Rolling right along through the month of December, we had several parties to celebrate baby Jesus!

We'll start with Miller's preschool party.  The class was pretty small that day due to lots of sickness, but we still had a fun time with his school friends!  Miller was happy as long as there were cupcakes.
 Making reindeer food
 Miller's "manger", as he calls every nativity he sees.
A few flying animals and wise men.  And poor baby Jesus looks a little cramped under everyone.

That night we went to Papa Frank and Nana's house for a party with Margaret's family.  Late afternoon/night is always a little tricky with Jacob so I only managed to get these two pictures...

One Wednesday night at our church, Miller's class had a birthday party for Jesus complete with balloons, party hats, cupcakes, sparklers outside, a visit from Mary, and a game of pin the tail on the donkey.  It was so sweet to hear all of those little voices singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.  Thanks for planning such a fun party, Jackie and Jean Ann!

Last but not least, we had the annual Christmas Eve brunch at Margaret's house.
We attempted the annual stair picture multiple times, but never got one with everyone seen and looking at the camera.  I'll take one for the team and post the best one of everyone else :)
Miller checking out the precious railroad quilt that Aunt Dot made for him and Jacob.  He loves it and has already just about worn it out!  Thanks Aunt Dot for such a thoughtful, memorable gift!
 Emma and Jacob
Thanks for all of the pictures, Donna!

That just about catches us up!  Coming soon... Christmas morning!