Miller's Preschool Program

Thursday Miller's school put on their annual Thanksgiving Program.  As always it was short and sweet, but oh so adorable.
Hunter and Hays are in the one year old class and made the cutest turkeys.  I just love this picture.  It looks like they're thinking, "What the heck is on your head?"
Miller didn't sing a single word.  He stood there with this blank expression for about the first minute...
until he spotted us.  He got so excited when he saw us.  He still didn't sing, but he at least smiled the rest of the time and attempted a few of the motions.
Betty Jo was so sweet to take some time out of her day to come to the grand performance.  Miller was excited to see her.
Our attempt at a family shot = total fail.
Here's a video of the program.  We didn't have our Flip Camera so we had to use Bryant's iPhone.  I must say that while I'm thankful this handy device has the technology to video, I sure did miss my Flip.  It took me about six times longer to edit and upload this video than it usually does.  Sorry the quality isn't great, but you get the idea.  In case you're having trouble spotting him, he's the third pilgrim from the end.  The short one.


It should also be noted that during nap time that afternoon Miller never fell asleep, but instead sang the "turkey song" from the program over and over again for almost two hours.  I guess he's a private performer.  Maybe next year he'll sing a little for the crowd. :)


Fall's First Fire

We had our first fire of the season a few nights ago when the temperature dropped.  Bryant loves building fires and I certainly don't mind relaxing in front of one with a mug of cocoa.  As for Miller, he loves to help Daddy with fires and so far he's been pretty good about obeying the rule of not going near the fireplace without Daddy.

 Good fire boys!  I think we may need another one tonight!



Not this #24...
or this one...
this one!
Kate {along with Scott & Malley} returned to her Alma Mater today to play in a alumnae game at the grand opening of Boaz High School's new gym.  We were so excited to go and be a part of her fan club!  I made Miller and Malley some really fancy t-shirts to support Kate.
I think Papa Frank was pretty happy to see his baby girl back in action and both of his grand-babies sporting Boaz gear.
Miller wasn't crazy about the Boaz shirt as first, but he warmed up to it after a while.  I think he's a wildcat at heart ;)
Kate played really well and it was so much fun to watch!  Miller thought it was pretty cool to see her out there and he was dieing to get on the court himself.  He had to settle for playing on the bleacher stairs {and almost busting his face again}.
As we were leaving we noticed several pieces of Kate Mastin memorabilia.  She's pretty much a rock-star.

In other news, Miller's face seems to be healing well.  I took him to the dentist for the first time the morning after his fall.  Dr. Conley put him on an antibiotic to prevent infection which could cause an abscess.  He said that his teeth looked ok, but that from what he could tell at this point his two front teeth might turn gray as they start to die.  The good news is that there usually aren't any problems or complications with this.  The bad news is they may stay gray until he loses those teeth naturally, which won't be for another three to five years.  The vanity in me is really hoping they don't change colors, but I'm so very thankful that the fall didn't cause more damage.  Here we are waiting to be seen by the dentist...
Here's a closeup of his mouth from tonight.  The swelling has gone way down and the scabs look like they're healing well.  So far, no gray teeth, although you might be able to tell that his top right front tooth is a little black at the top.
Thankfully our photographer was sweet enough to let us reschedule our session for next weekend.  Hopefully by then any remaining marks will be small enough to photoshop. {Am I allowed to use that word as a verb?}

Have a great weekend everyone!


Miller vs. Pavement

The pavement won.

He wanted to call you all and tell you about it.
I told him it would be faster for me to just blog.  Poor little buddy.  Out of all the crazy, dangerous things he does as a two year old, he got this bloody nose and fat lip scooting along on a riding toy in Kendall's driveway.  Somehow he flipped right over the front and his face broke his fall.

In related news, we have a professional photo session scheduled for this Saturday.  Hopefully he won't look like a boxer by then.


Happy Halloween! (a little late)

Hello friends!  We had such a fun weekend and I hope your family did as well.  My mom and John came up for the weekend and it was so great to see them.  On Saturday we went to the Whole Backstage in town for a Fall Festival.  Miller loved all of the blow-up games and it was a beautiful day for them!
 His favorite thing to do was come in and out of the jump house since the entrance looked like a slide.
On Sunday night we went to our church for Trunk-or-Treat.  Miller kind of got the hang of trick-or-treating this year, although he rarely actually said "trick-or-treat".  When we'd approach a car I'd say, "What do you say if you want candy?" and he'd respond with "Please".  I guess that's better anyway ;)
 Ms. Sally
 Ms. Jill
Ella Kate and Miller giving each other hug.  So stinkin' sweet.

The Hawk family had a s'more station setup complete with a fire-pit.  It was such a cute idea and Miller loved it!  Here he is roasting his first marshmallow.
 Trying out his first s'more.  Mmmm....
 Ms. Janice

Joel (our preacher) and his wife, Janice, dressed up as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth.  Hysterical.
We finished the night off with a hayride and I didn't manage to get any pictures.  It was Miller's favorite part though and he's still talking about it.

On Monday night, actual Halloween, we went to the Methodist church for their Fall Festival.  It took Miller a while to warm up to the crowd and the new place, but after a few games he was all about it.
After leaving the church, we stopped by the fire station to trick-or-treat and of course my camera battery died :(  I got one snapshot of Miller getting candy, but I didn't get to capture any of his excitement from seeing all of the fire trucks up close.  Lesson learned about checking my battery.
Whew!  I'm tired just remembering all we did this weekend!  Miller has asked me every morning if he can wear his "dog cartoon" and carry his "pumkin".  I'd say it was a hit!