Colorado here we come!

Our bags are packed {sort of} and we're ready to go!  Hopefully Miller's first plane ride will go well.  Also, Bryant has been sick today so we are praying that he gets better before we leave tomorrow morning.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!

I Heart Bob

Don't worry, Bob is not a person.  BOB is a jogging stroller I got for Christmas.  Yesterday we finally had nice enough weather to get out and enjoy it.  I will admit that I mostly walked with only a little actual jogging.  I had already had an intense workout at the gym that morning and was really just looking for some fresh air.  Plus I thought it would be fun to see what Miller is like outstide now that he's more alert.  The last time we were able to stroll outside he would just sleep the whole time.  He was oddly quiet; I think it was so new that he wasn't sure what to do.  We have a beautiful walking trail here in Guntersville that runs right along the lake.  I'm sure Bob, Miller, and I will be spending a lot more time together as Spring approaches!


Bath Time

It is so fun to watch Miller beginning to understand the world around him.  I took a short video of him in the tub today.  This is what he does the second we put him in there and he doesn't stop until we take him out.  I've never had so much fun cleaning up a mess!



Daddies are good for lots of things.  They're good for carrying the carseat as the baby gets chunkier, assembling the many pieces of equipment a baby requires, and most of all playing and having fun.  However, they are not so good at tasks such as getting a baby dressed.  Notice anything wrong with this picture?

No, not the unmade bed.  That's right.  It's on backwards.  Bryant was getting Miller ready for church and asked if I'd do the buttons.  Sure!  It would be better if they were on the back though.  Here is mommy's version of how this outfit might be worn...

Outrageous trend, I know, to put the picture on the front.  I can't help but wonder if daddy is the smart one though.  He may not have to do dressing duty on Sunday mornings anymore.  :)  Oh well, I think we'll keep this daddy around anyway.


Hunter and Hays Ainsworth

On Tuesday, January 5th our best friends Kendall and Will had twin boys!! Kendall was in her 33rd week of pregnancy but both babies are doing so well.  Hunter William Ainsworth was born first weighing 4 lbs. 9 oz. and measuring 17 1/2 inches.  Hays Foster Ainsworth weighed 4 lbs. 2 oz. measuring 17 inches.  Neither baby needed oxygen but both will be in the NICU for another week and a half or so.  They were able to get their IVs taken out today which pleases the parents as it is one less wire to work around.  Bryant, Miller, and I drove to Tupelo yesterday to see them.  They are only allowed two visitors a day {in an effort to not overstimulate them} and Kendall's sister flew in yesterday, so I went to see the babies while Bryant hung out with Miller, Will, and the Kendall's parents at their house.  They were so tiny!  Pictures don't do justice.  Here is a picture of each of them.  I did the best I could since they stayed in their incubators while we were there.  We can't wait for them to come home so we can snuggle them!

Hunter William Ainsworth

Hays Foster Ainsworth


Engineering Degree

I've decided you need an engineering degree to put together some baby toys and furniture.  Today I confidently opened Miller's exersaucer only to find this...

I estimate there were 572 pieces and about 40 steps in the manual.  {Yes, I used the instruction manual. I am a female after all}.   Now, not to toot my own horn, but I consider myself an educated person.  I mean, didn't you see my alma mater on the highly renowned educational program "Two-A-Days".  Anyway, my initial plan was to put this together after Miller's morning nap so that he could play on it during that wake time.  I assumed {yes, I know what happens when you do this} that it would be a fairly simple thing to snap together and add toys to.  Wrong.  By the time Miller woke up from his NEXT nap about three hours later it was ready.  Drum roll please...

It was all worth while when I saw how interested Miller was in it.  I tried to catch a smile but this is what he looked like most of the time...

He was so enthralled by it!  Perhaps he'll be the engineer in the family.  He also gave me a good reminder that I should clean each of the toys to get the factory gunk off of them.

All in all it was totally worthwhile.  I had planned on getting at least a few other things done today but oh well.  Maybe tomorrow.

You may have noticed Miller is still in his PJs.  Well, we had a snow day around these parts today and I figured what better excuse do we need to stay in PJs?  I never took Miller out in the snow {except for the short journey in his car seat from the car into the gym}.  There really wasn't enough to do anything with, so we just enjoyed the view from inside.  Plus, we had to save up our energy for the big game.

Roll Tide and good night!


Five Months Old

I'm a little behind on this month's post since we were out of town when Miller turned five months old.  Don't worry though, we did call to sing him "Happy Birthday" that morning.  It is such a blessing to  be with Miller everyday.  I have been able to witness so many firsts and I will forever be grateful for this.  Miller is rolling over both ways now {though he sometimes forgets that he can get off of his tummy without Mommy's help}, eating rice cereal, reaching for objects and grabbing them {including our faces which I think means "I love you, Mommy"}, sitting up in his Bumbo seat, and talking and giggling all the time.  Miller recently found his tongue and this is his favorite new face:

His tongue is constantly sticking out and it is so adorable.  Here are a couple of other pictures that I just thought were too cute to exclude.

Sweet dreams everyone!



Bryant and I returned yesterday from our "Babymoon" - our first weekend away without Miller. On Wednesday, the three of us headed to my mom's in Dadeville, Alabama to celebrate Christmas. I was so excited to receive a BOB jogging stroller. Yay! Can't wait for some warmer weather so I can get out with it. We had such a great time and Miller enjoyed a few more goodies. The poor child just didn't get anything this Christmas...

I'm still learning how to use my new camera so forgive me for some of the underexposure {and overexposure!}
The next morning we left him with Gran and Pop to be spoiled rotten taken care of.  After leaving over 130 ounces of frozen milk, 120 diapers, countless clothes, and a few tears {on my part} we headed to Fairhope, Alabama to see two friends get married.  Fairhope is absolutely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.  I even asked Bryant if he thought we could put a Mastin's branch there so that we could move into one of those old homes with a few huge oak trees in our front yard.  We definitely want to go back in the Spring someday.  I learned an extremely valuable lesson about packing my camera charger {and maybe even purchasing an extra battery} so unfortunately I don't have as many pictures as I'd like.  A few had to be taken on my old camera too.  The difference is amazing. 

They have the cutest little downtown.  On New Year's Eve they blocked off the streets and had a band.  The parents of the bride and groom rented a tent for us to all hang out in {complete with a toasty heater}.  It was my first New Year's to see a ball drop :)

The next day we did what I was really looking forward to... SLEPT!  We ordered breakfast in bed and didn't get up until about 1:00.  Ahh...  That night we went to the rehearsal dinner which was at our hotel, The Grand.

The next morning I slept in AGAIN.  So nice.  Bryant went to a pheasant shoot with the other boys, but I enjoyed sleeping in and then heading downtown with Kate.  Then it was of to the wedding!  It was a small ceremony in a gorgeous church and the reception was at the Fairhop Inn downtown.  Also beautiful.  I didn't get a picture of the bride and groom.  They were a little busy.

Can you tell this was taken with my old camera?  What a difference!  Miller Man was just fine while we were gone.  Mom sent us this update:

Looks happy to me!   Sorry for the long post!