Miller is playing soccer for the first time this Fall.  It has been really fun and he seems to enjoy it more than t-ball.  Although, the Gatorade is still his favorite part, ha! 
 We try to keep Little Bit in the stroller with snacks as much as possible.  Addie was sweet enough to share her baby doll with him one night.

 Right after he scored his first goal!
It took us a while to convince Miller to wear his shin guards under his socks, but he is finally coming around!
 Jacob trying to be like big brother.  So sweet.

Poor Coach Will!  He does a good job corralling the chaos!


Ty and Mia Visit

Our niece and nephew, Mia and Ty, came from Florida to visit Pop and Gran so we couldn't pass up the chance to see them!  It was a fun visit and I'm so thankful the kids were able to play together.  It was great to catch up with Jay and Amy too!
Jay was a big help working with the three big kids on learning to water ski!

 Little Bit wanted a turn too, but has to stick to tubing for now!

We hope to see y'all again soon!