Poor Buddy

For the past two weeks or so Miller has been tormented by four little visitors...
Yes, four. You can't really see all of them in this pictures, but he is getting his front four teeth right now leading to early mornings {as in up at 4:45 a.m.}, minimal naps {or none at all}, some fevers, a runny nose, LOTS of drool, one cranky baby, and one VERY tired mama. Whew. Thankfully, the Lord has reminded me that He will sustain me and to look for joy in the little things.
Yep, that will do it :)


Avocado Facial

I wish I could say that this post would be all about a recent visit to the spa, but unfortunately the most relaxing thing I've done in days is plop on the sofa once Miller's asleep.  Miller is loving avocado these days and likes to feed himself small chunks {meaning one very messy baby}.
We'll have to work on chewing with our mouth closed {and maybe not bathing in our food}.  Who's up for guacamole?!?!


Father's Day

Hello again!  This comes a little late, but we had a wonderful time on Father's Day.  After church, Poppy and Cissy came up for lunch.  Sweet Cindy had packed an entire cooler for a picnic on our lot since they haven't seen it, but after discussing how hot it was and how muddy it would be after the storm Saturday we decided a picnic on our back porch might be better.  She of course went above and beyond as always and we had a delicious meal.  I just felt bad that I hadn't done anything!  I did have a Butterfinger Cake I could contribute for dessert.  This is one of Bryant's favorite desserts and for some reason he has been talking about it for weeks.  So I decided it would make a great little surprise for Father's Day.
After lunch we opened a few gifts...
played a little...
and then took Dad and Cindy on a tour of Guntersville and to see our new lot.  Thanks for coming to visit us, Poppy and Cissy!


Girls Trip!!!!

As some of you may know I have been counting down the days to this mini-vacay for about three months.  My college friends {+1} went to Ross Bridge for one night to get a little break from reality and hang out together {without getting interrupted by a crying baby}.  We had so much fun of course, but we had quite a time with the room situation.  Long story short, we arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon having booked two adjoining rooms and it was 1:00 in the morning before we were settled in two rooms, one on the sixth floor and one on the fourth.  In the hours between those times I had a total of seven rooms in my name.  Needless to say we did a lot of packing, unpacking, hauling, and talking to the front desk which cut into our hang out time quite a bit.  Thankfully the manager on duty the next day was extremely nice and apologetic and even agreed to let us have a "do over" night.  So sometime soon we'll be doing it all over again {hopefully just minus the changing rooms a million times}!  It did however provide some great material for Emily.  For those of you who don't know Emily, think of the funniest person you know and then triple it.  She is an absolute nut and she did more for my abs than any class at the gym has.  

Kendall and I were packed and ready to go by 8 a.m.  {Do you think we were just a little excited?}  My sweet friend, Betty, came over to watch Miller until lunch since Bryant had to work in the morning.  {Thanks, Betty!}  He came home after lunch to relieve her of her duties and then he was on his own until about 6:00 the next night.  He did a great job with Miller and I'm glad they had the chance to bond a little.  Thanks for giving me a little break, Bryant!

Here are some pics from our quick trip. To be honest, I'm surprised they'll have us back after looking at some of our pictures!  I'm glad "Inn Keeper" {the manager} wasn't around to see us take over the water slide or the restaurant.  Good thing that curtain was sound proof ;)
{In case you're wondering, yes Kendy and Hannah, I did crop you out of this pic.  There was just no way to include you and not show the entire web the remains of my baby belly.  Sorry!}
I am so blessed to call each of you friend.  I couldn't dream up better friends if I tried.  Thanks for all  the times you've been their for me, the silly {and serious} conversations, and the fun memories!  I thank the Lord for each of you and can't wait to do it again!


A Day at the Pool

Way back when, we spent the day at Kendall and Will's house hanging out by the pool and grilling out.  It was so much fun and we even got to meet another young couple {which is rare around these parts} who has a little boy just a month or two younger than Miller.
 We had wonderful food, great weather, and fun fellowship.  I am so pumped that Kendall's new house has a pool and I often warn her that she might just look out her window one day and see me out there.  The best part is, she says that would be okay!  Don't say I didn't warn you...
We put Miller to bed in one of the pack and plays so we had to bathe him over there.  Nothing like an outdoor shower!
 Thanks for a fun day Kendy and Will!


Catching Up

So for those of you who are wondering, no we have not fallen off the face of the Earth.  The last week or so has been a whirlwind of racing from one thing to another.  I taught Vacation Bible School at our church each night, took care of Miller {who is cutting two teeth right now and is pitiful} during the day, got ready for Father's Day, somehow managed to keep up on the normal household tasks,  and got everything ready for a friend to watch Miller on Friday and Daddy to keep him overnight while I went on a girls' trip {more on that to come}.  Whew.  The weekend has continued to be busy and I am just now getting a chance to catch up on my blogging.  In fact, even as I type this I've had to stop about five times and so it's taken me about four hours to get this far.  This may take a while.  I started to feel a bit overwhelmed when I plugged my camera into my computer and found that I had 402 pictures {literally} to upload and thus several events to blog about.  Thankfully the majority of them were from VBS and I won't be posting those as they are not of my children and I just don't have time for a lawsuit :)  So, hang with me...this may be a bit chaotic.

Now that Miller can sit up easily and roam around his crib, he often falls asleep in some unusual positions...
Sorry it's so blurry but there wasn't much light in the room and I wasn't going to dare try the flash.  Maybe Miller will be a yoga instructor or something.

Miller is also getting himself into some precarious positions outside of his crib.
Luckily he can get himself out of them too.

I tried a new sewing pattern a couple of weeks ago and loved it!  The only sad part is that it's a little too big but I can alter the pattern for the next one I make.  I'm thinking about using the seersucker fabric I have left and making another outfit just like this one only smaller.  Crazy I know, but I think it would be so cute for his one year pictures if it of course fit better.  We'll see how crazy I get.
You'll also notice how well Miller is pulling up now {and how messy my sofa usually is}.  He is doing so well pulling up and is having fewer spills.  It won't be long before he's walking!

Alright, lots more to blog about but I feel like other events require posts of their own.  Be back soon!


We love you, Daddy!

Happy Father's Day, Bryant! You are truly an amazing dad and I've fallen even more in love with you watching you as a father. Miller and I are so very blessed.  Thank you for being you!


Waiting for Daddy

As soon as Miller hears the garage door open he crawls straight for the door to wait for daddy. It is so cute and I had to catch it on video before he stops doing it!

Playing Catch Daddy

Okay, so maybe Miller isn't actually catching yet, but his throwing skills are improving a bit :) I know Miller and Bryant have many fun, ball-playing days ahead of them!

A little happy...

to brighten your day!


Beach Trip #2

Our little family was treated to another wonderul week at the beach with Pop, Gran, Brad, and Lauren.  Miller and I went down Tuesday with the rest of the fam and Bryant joined us on Thursday night. We had great weather and apparently got out just before the oil started heading in.   Prepare yourself for LOTS of pictures :)
 {Sorry for the fog - I went from AC to the humid gulf air too quickly}
On our last trip to the beach we never got Miller in the ocean because the waves were huge.  This time it looked more like the lake than the ocean so we decided to try it out.  He seemed to really like it, especially when a little wave would come along.  He didn't even mind when we got caught off guard by a bigger wave and a face full of saltwater.  
Thursday was Brad's 30th birthday so we went out on the town to get wild and crazy!  Not really.  If the birthday boy had it his way we'd go out to dinner around 8:00 and hang out until midnight.  He was so sweet to work on his nephew's schedule so we could go though, so we went to Cobalt for an early dinner.  It was delicious and such a fun celebration of his life.  I think thirty made Brad contemplate the meaning of life a little more...
We were so excited to see Daddy walk in after his long drive to join us.
 Happy Birthday, Brad!

Back to the beach...
 Thanks for a great trip, Pop and Gran!