Home and Healing

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! For those of you who don't know, I have been battling what we thought was Mastitis for the past three weeks. After it wasn't responding to two antibiotics my doctor admitted me to the hospital last Friday. It turns out that I had a staph infection (MRSA) and two abscesses. I stayed hospitalized until Thursday of the next week. I am feeling much better but still not completely better. I go back to see the surgeon tomorrow so please pray that things are looking good! I'm nervous about going because I really don't want him to have to do any more procedures - it was extremely painful the last time! We continue to be thankful that Miller is healthy. Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray for him also. My dad took some really cute pictures of Miller while they took care of him my first night at the hospital. Hopefully I'll get those from him soon and I'll post a few.


Rolling Over!!

I know - I can't believe it either! He is only 16 days old! Today Miller was playing on his play gym and I decided to see how he would do with a little tummy time. He fussed a little at first but then seemed to enjoy it. All of a sudden he rolled over! I freaked out! So, I calmed myself and decided it was probably just a random coincidence that wouldn't be repeated. I flipped him back on his tummy. As soon as I did he rolled right back over! He did it four times! I ran to get the video camera and I did get it on tape, but I think he was getting very tired of performing for Mommy so he's a little fussy and it's not the best video. It was so amazing though! I'm looking forward to so many more exciting "firsts"!

First Bath

We gave Miller his first bath today! I wish I would have taken a picture of him when we first put him in the tub; it was so cute! He seemed to like it once he got over the initial shock. We also went to the pediatrician today and got good news. Miller has regained his birth weight (back up to 7 pounds) and he even grew 1/2 inch in length. Everything else they checked was great too! We are so thankful to the Lord for his health!Hanging out with Daddy and Oreo while Mommy got the bath ready.

So clean and snuggly!


Settling In

My sweet baby boy is 2 weeks old today! We've been getting settled at home but we're still up most nights. :) I keep reminding myself that this is only a season and that I'm sure I'll miss this stage when it's over. Here are a few pics from Miller's first two weeks!

This is how my sweet mom spent many of her nights here as we tried to get Miller to adjust his days and nights. We still haven't accomplished that! Bryant and I have started doing everything we can to keep him awake during his wake times and we're about to get tough on bedtime! (I hope we can do it anyway - it is so sad to hear him cry!!) He goes right down for his naps during the day but wants company at night. :) If anyone has any tips on getting this straightened out let me know!
Miller's first sponge bath. He still has a little bit of a scab where his cord was so we're waiting to try a tub bath.

Miller loves his new swing! Thank you, Aunt Kate!
I could bite those sweet feet!!
My mom came to stay with us for about a week and a half. She was such a huge help! Thanks, Mom! We were so sad to see you leave!


Coming Home

We came home from the hospital on Tuesday, August 4th. It was so exciting to bring this little one home!

Oreo isn't quite sure what to think of Miller. She often sits just outside of the nursery and watches us with him. I think she's a little jealous of her daddy's divided attention!



Can you tell I how loved this little boy is already? I tried not to overwhelm everyone with too many pics but how do you ever choose when you have the cutest baby boy in the world?!?! These are pics from Miller's birth and our stay in the hospital. I'll have to learn how to make a slide show later (in my spare time!) instead of uploading so many pics!Hanging out and waiting! Thank you Lord for epidurals! I don't know how anyone does this naturally. I have a whole new respect for you! It was slow going for the first four centimeters. It took me being in labor from about 2:00 am until about 2:00 pm to get to four and then things sped up quite a bit!
About three hours later he was here! I was fortunate that I only had to push for about 15-20 minutes. He was already being sweet to his mommy! His official time of birth was 5:25 p.m.
Sorry this picture is a tad scandalous, but it was my favorite moment. There is no way to describe this incredible event. So overwhelming!
My sweet daddy held my hand the whole time those ladies messed with me!
All clean and healthy!
Proud papa! This was Bryant's last chance to hold Miller for a while. We had lots of family waiting to see us!
Bryant's parents
My dad
My mom and John
My cousin Morgan
Uncle Brad and Lauren

We got a little rest that night and then had so many sweet friends come to meet Miller the next day.
Sarah Beth and Michael
Jessica, Evelyn, Kendall, Maggee, Katie, Campbell, and Sarah Beth. What sweet friends!
Thank you for delivering me Aunt Celia! You did a great job!

I could just eat him up!
Sooooo sleepy!!
Miller & Enola
"What's this mommy?" Our friends Hannah and Joseph came by with their two boys. This is the oldest Winston.
Aunt Kate and Uncle Scott finally got to meet Miller the day we were leaving. Poor Kate and Scott hung around all day on Sunday then had to catch a flight that left at 5:50. They just missed it! Sorry I couldn't speed things along Kate!!!


Miller is here!

Bryant Miller Mastin was born at 5:25 yesterday, August 2nd! He weighed in at 7 pounds even and measured 20 inches long. We are all doing great and are counting our blessings! I tried to upload some pictures but the hospital's internet is too slow. Pics to come later!