February Happenings

Ok, so i just realized a few of these things happened in January, but the pictures were hiding on my phone.  Perhaps you will forgive me.  If not, you must not have small children ;)

*Jacob proved he takes after his mommy and showed big brother how to clean up.

*We played inside a lot.  A whole lot.  

 *We got snow!  I think this was the snow in January that didn't last very long.


*We warmed up with homemade cocoa and games inside.

*We watched too many movies and ate too much popcorn.

*And as a result Jacob spoke his first "sentence" - "Watch TV".  Proud mommy moment.

*We went to my dad's to celebrate his birthday with him.


*We went to my mom's surprise 60th birthday party and anxiously awaited her arrival.

*We got a couple of nice days to play outside.  Not many though.

*We got more snow.  And a lot of it!!

*We warmed up inside again.

*We delivered flowers to sweet Betty Jo on Valentine's Day.

*We went to a groundbreaking ceremony for a house that is being built down the street for a wounded veteran and Miller made the Gadsden Times.

*Bryant had a birthday and brought home a train for Miller.  Best daddy ever.

*I got to go on my church's women's retreat and it was wonderful!

Whew!  Almost caught up!  Next up, T-ball!


January Happenings

In an effort to get caught up on my always-behind-blogging, here's a quick rundown of a few things we did in January besides our ski trip.

*We went to Hays and Hunters' 4th birthday party at the movie theater and saw Frozen.

*Jacob decided to try a little salad.

*It was cold.  Really, really cold.

 *The boys had Pajama Day at school!