Time Warp

I'm going to do a little time warp here and do a post about a few parties we attended before Christmas Day.  I'm a little OCD about things and this bugs me some, but I was a ding-bat {yes, I did just use that word} and forgot to take my camera to two of these parties.  I've finally gotten around to getting all of the pictures off of Facebook {thanks Donna and Mallory!} and have time to do a post about them.  Here goes...

On the Wednesday night before Christmas, we went to Nana and Papa Frank's house for the Bradberry family Christmas {Margaret's brothers, sister, kids, and grand kids}.  We usually have this event on Christmas day, but this year Nana decided to change it up a bit.  Miller got lots of lovin' from aunts, uncles, and cousins that we don't see often enough.  He got spoiled rotten with gifts too.  Check out his third ride of the holidays...
I feel the need to apologize to any of Miller's future teachers and friends for how spoiled he is probably going to turn out.  He got lots of other goodies too, but I don't have pictures of any of the other gifts.   We had a great time seeing everyone and it was really nice to do this before Christmas so we could all just relax and enjoy.

Friday morning {Christmas Eve} Nana had us over again for a brunch.  I know, she's a party machine.  I really don't know how she does it.  This brunch is for ladies only {plus Miller while he's little} and is everything you'd imagine a ladies' brunch to be.  Hence Miller's attendence only as a baby.  I don't think he will enjoy it so much when he's older and I think the ladies probably won't want to be shot with a nerf gun.  Donna was kind enough to take a few pictures for me.
 The aunts and first cousins
Second cousins {and I guess Miller is a third cousin?? I'm not really sure how that works}

Miller and I were introduced to an old family friend whom everyone knew by the name of...
Jiggy Boy!  Apparently, Jiggy Boy was onced owned by Betty Jo and Speedy for Bryant, Kate, and Ian to play with at their house.  After they were grown, Betty Jo gave it to Harolyn for Hanna and Emma to use.  Harolyn was so sweet to get Jiggy Boy all fixed up for the next generation at Nana and Papa Frank's house.  Such a thoughtful gift and Miller LOVED it!!  He needed no instruction whatsoever. 

That night we went to the St. Paul UMC in Boaz with Bryant's family for a candle-lit Christmas Eve service.  The only negative about this service is that there is no nursery staff and Miller isn't quite ready to sit quietly for an hour in church.  Just a few weeks away I'm sure ;)  He did pretty well though and lasted about forty minutes before Bryant took him outside to play.  Otherwise, it was a beautiful service complete with music, a message, and communion.  It's always a great reminder of what we're really celebrating.  After church we went to Betty Jo's house for dinner and gifts.  Betty Jo went all out and made turkey, ham, dressing, gravy, brown rice, pineapple casserole, squash casserole,  green bean casserole, rolls, cranberry sauce, and apple cake with rum sauce for dessert.  Is your mouth watering like mine is right now?
 The ONLY picture we took as a family this Christmas.  I vow to do better next year.  Remind me, ok?
Thanks for having us, Betty Jo!


Christmas Morning

Hello friends!  We are back home after a week or so FULL of Christmas festivities.  Whew.  It was so nice to see so many family members, but I will admit that it's nice to be home with no plans for a few days.  I think it's going to take me a month to unpack everything, clean my house, and catch up on laundry.  It will get done though and in the end it is definitely all worth it.  I forgot to take my camera to a few family parties so I'll do a post on those later when I get pictures from others.  For now, we'll start with Christmas morning.  Last year was technically Miller's first Christmas and will of course always be a special one.  Being four months old though, there was really only so much he could partake in.  This year, Bryant and I were so excited about Christmas morning with Miller since we knew he would love getting some new toys.  Let me be the first to say that this is of course not what Christmas means to us, but there isn't much Miller can get spiritually yet {though we certainly exposed him to baby Jesus, a Christmas Eve service, and loads of Christmas music}.  All that to say, we were pumped for Christmas morning.  It made it even more special to wake up to snow!  {A  rarity in these parts.}  The snow was so beautiful and Miller kept running to the window to look at it.  Unfortunately, we never got a chance to go play in, but maybe we'll have another chance this season.  Here is a little video from when Miller first got up on Christmas morning...

He loved his new "four-wheeler" and picked up on how to ride it quickly {minus the skill of steering - my walls are in serious danger}.  I tried to get him to look in his stocking by pressing a toy that played music.  This piqued his interest, but not enough to get off of the Kawasaki.  He rode it over to me and proceded to pull items from his stocking while sitting atop his ride.  So funny.  
I was so proud of my sweet husband for actually attempting to wrap my gifts this year!  {This is a first for him.}  I was so thankful for his effort, birthday paper and all!  He got me this cute chair for my new office/craft desk. 
I am sooooo excited!  So thoughtful and generous!  Thanks, honey!

After playing with our new toys for a few minutes we all got dressed {sort of} and headed to the Mastins' house for breakfast and gifts.  
Miller and Uncle Rambo Scott playing on the stairs

Somehow, our little family didn't get a picture together that morning. I'm kicking myself.  This little family did though...
Uncle Scott, Miller, Aunt Kate, and Malley {she still has a couple of months of baking left}
{Sidenote:  Miller starting saying "Scott" and "Kate" this weekend - precious}

Later that afternoon, we loaded up and drove down to my mom and John's house on Lake Martin.  It was a little scary driving through the snow, I will admit.  What can I say, we don't get much practice driving in that kind of weather. 
 Saying bye to Nana and thanking her for all of my gifts!

That's all there's time for tonight!  Expect a few more post over the next couple of days.  Time to go try and find a bed somewhere beneath the piles of stuff...


Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!  During one of my quiet times this week, I was struck by something that I wanted to share with you.  I was reminded of how long the Israelites heard about and waited for Jesus.  I'm reading Numbers right now and in chapter 24 Balaam prophesies, "I see him , but not now; I behold him, but not near.  A star will come out of Jacob; a scepter will rise out of Israel."  I can only imagine the anticipation over the thousands of years of waiting and the excitement when He finally came.  A meager analogy, I know, but I thought of how excited Auburn fans are to have a shot at a National Championship for the first time in I don't know how long.  Or perhaps the elation Alabama fans experienced when Mark Ingram won the first Heisman for the school last year.  Like I said, these events pale in comparison to the coming of the Messiah, but it at least gave me a starting point to understanding how the Israelites might have felt when Jesus finally came.  We are priveledged to not have to wait.  He has already come and offers us grace and salvation!  I for one take this for granted at times though.  This Christmas I'm taking a moment to stop and reflect on the tremendous meaning of Christmas.  I'm going to put myself in the Israelites' shoes for a moment and rejoice that He has finally come!  And he came for me.  And for you.


Christmas with Poppy & Cissy

This weekend we went to Birmingham to celebrate Christmas with my dad, step-mom, brother, brother's girlfriend, and two step-brothers.  We had a great weekend, but it went by in a whirlwind!  If you know my dad at all, you know that he is a six year old boy at heart :)  In true "Poppy" fashion, Miller had quite a Christmas complete with a personal visit from Santa!  As soon as we arrived on Friday, Miller was greeted with this hat {which reads "Mini Claus"}, a balloon, and I'm pretty sure a gingerbread man was in the welcoming package too.
The next morning, Mommy & Daddy got a GREAT present and got to sleep in.  Santa was kind enough to wait until 9:00 to come make his visit.
Holy Santa.  We're gonna need a bigger garage.
I can't tell if Miller or Poppy is more excited.

Brad and Lauren gave him an adorable keyboard.  It's pretty fancy too.  I'm expecting some kickin'  tracks someday.

Don't you love the bow Miller put in my hair?
Look at those adorable utensils Santa put in Miller's stocking.  Miller LOVES them.  Do you think he's just a little bit "boy"????
Of course, a tractor ride should always follow bath time.
 {Censored so that Miller won't hate us when he's sixteen...hopefully.}
 Let's try that again with some PJ's on...

That's the best mistletoe kiss I've ever received!  Once Miller was in bed, the adults had a wonderful dinner and exchanged gifts.  Lauren and I even got a birthday celebration thrown in!
We're trying not to kill each other with our garlic/onion breath.
Even with all of those new toys, Miller decided to play with the dog food.  Don't worry we washed his hands.  Thoroughly.  He was so cute helping Uncle Brad feed the dogs though!

This was the first of MANY Christmas celebrations.  Sorry to include so many pictures, but it's so hard to pick just a few and I want to remember each moment.  You'll just have to get over it ;)


Random Phone Pictures

I got these two pictures off of Bryant's phone and I just had to share.

The first was taken by Bryant while I was gone shopping one weekend.  Bryant said Miller just hopped up on his bench with his teddy bear ready for a picture like we used to take every month.  Please excuse the blurriness.
The second picture I took one afternoon when we stopped by Bryant's office.  Miller loves going to see daddy at work and I'm sure Bryant loves the mess we leave :)

That's all for now!  Be back real soon with a post about our weekend!


MDO Christmas Party

Today was Miller's Christmas party at his Mother's Day Out.  It was so much fun and so sweet to see so many little ones celebrating the birth of Christ.  I got there a few minutes early so I took Miller to get his picture made with Santa.  Surprisingly, he didn't cry a bit.  However, he wasn't taking any chances and getting too close.
As any with any good party, we started it off right with a few snacks.
 Miller with his teacher, Ms. Jennifer.  We are so very thankful for her!
Next, we went to make reindeer food and an ornament.
 {Yes, that is lipstick on his cheek.  What can I say, Mama loves kisses.}
Miller and his friend, Saylor.  Saylor's mommy and daddy are some of our friends and I'm so glad they get to play together twice a week! 

After our crafts, we went to listen to the story of Christ's birth and sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.  I'd like to think that I'm a little more spiritually mature than toddlers, but sometimes I'm not so sure.  Somehow listening to a bunch of precious babies sing "Happy Birthday" to our Savior brought be back to the reality of what Christmas is really about.  I needed that reminder.
Miller going to see baby Jesus.  He did an okay job listening to the story, but we'll have to work on his understanding of the nativity...
My memory may be failing me, but I don't think two of the wise men, the angel, and a horse were struck by a shooting star.  Maybe I'm wrong though.  I'm pretty sure there weren't any decapitated lambs either. 

Miller fell asleep on the way home, so after his nap he got to open his first Christmas gift of the year. 
 The gift was from his teachers and I'd say he loved it!  Thanks, Ms. Leslie & Ms. Jennifer!
I'd say he's ready for his J. Crew shoot.

 Merry Christmas, everyone!