Beach Trip 2013

We spent the last week in Orange Beach with Bryant's parents and it was fabulous!  This was the first time that we've gone and Miller was really fun and easy.  Jacob did really well for a 12 month old, but babies at the beach are of course a challenge.  While I'm certainly not wishing time with my baby away, it did make me look forward to how much fun it will be when he is a little older.  Bryant's parents were a HUGE help though and made the trip much more enjoyable than it would have been if it had just been our little family.

Miller couldn't wait to see the beach when we got there!


Can't think of a better place to celebrate Jacob's first birthday!

 Jacob wasn't too sure about the squishy sand between his toes!

 Monday was Jacob's birthday so we were sure to celebrate at dinner.
 Miller took this picture of Papa and Nana.  Not bad for a three year old!
 Baby boy was pretty excited about his birthday dessert, Banana's Jubilee.
 A birthday kiss from big brother after he helped blow out the candle.
 I think the birthday boy liked it!  We helped him out with it, but he was not happy with me when I tried to take the plate away to share with others, ha!
 Jacob was pretty happy on the beach as long as he was in the shade and had plenty of snacks.

We had some pretty big waves the last couple of days and Miller finally got brave enough to play in them a little.  He never wanted to venture out for a swim, but the water was also pretty cold.

Miller wanted to eat every meal outside on the balcony.  It was hard to argue with such a good idea.
One afternoon, Bryant took Miller to The Track for some fun and games.

And the next night Bryant and I got to go out on our own!

It's a good thing I got in some grown-up time that night, because the next day it was time to head home and this is how I spent about half of the drive...
Don't be fooled by the smiles.

It really was such a fun trip and we're so thankful that Nana and Papa invited us!  I'm sure they would have had a much more relaxing week without us, but we really appreciate all that they do for our family.  We made some great memories!


Jacob::12 Months

Stats: 19 lbs 8 oz, 28.5 inches - I didn't get percentiles, but the doctor said that Jacob remains on the low end of the growth charts.  He said he's not concerned though as long as he is growing {which he is} and as long as he's eating well {which he is}.  I guess he's just going to be a skinny kid like his daddy was.

Sizes: 12-18 month clothes, size 3 diapers

Schedule:  We are on the same schedule we have been on {four hour schedule with three naps}, with the only difference being that Jacob's eating times are getting a little more flexible.  He used to have to eat as soon as he woke up, but now he can usually wait until we are eating which is nice.  We have also been toying with dropping his last nap of the day.  We take it day by day to decide if he needs that 5:00 nap or not.
Sleep:  Jacob loves his bed and will often arch his back when you're holding him signaling that he wants to be put down.  He hardly ever cries when going to bed and usually goes straight to sleep.   The boy loves his sleep.  He still sleeps with a paci and his lovie.  He still doesn't sleep well in the car and only naps for a max of about 30 minutes if we're traveling.
Eating:  The boy can eat.  He will often eat as much as I do and sometimes more!  He will pick around the things that he doesn't want and fuss when his favorites are gone.  He is doing better with a sippy cup, but still makes a pretty big mess with it and doesn't always get a lot down.  I'm still giving him a bottle occasionally when it seems like he hasn't had much to drink that day.

Likes: balls, baths or playing in water, his daddy, cuddling before naps/bed {which mommy loves!}, "jumping" while you hold his hands or in the jumper at church
Dislikes:  getting his diaper changed, having to wait for food

Milestones: Jacob got his second tooth this month and I can see one of his top front teeth starting to come through.  We are also going to go ahead and document "da" as his first official word.  That's what he calls a "ball" and even though "da" sounds nothing like "ball" he says it every time he sees one.

We tried to get a picture of those two bottom teeth, but no luck!

LOVE this little guy!

And this little guy LOVES his big brother!  Except for when he isn't being very nice to him, which of course rarely happens ;)

Can we please just have a moment of silence to mourn the loss of my baby's babyhood?  
Sniff sniff.  I really can't handle it.  Really.  I know we have so much to look forward to and this year has certainly held it's challenges, but I truly wish I could just freeze time.  Ideally I'd freeze it at one of those moments when everyone is happy and no one is crying, but I know beggars can't be choosers.