What was I thinking?

As aforementioned, Miller has required some extra attention lately.  I, being the mother-of-the-year that I am, decided to plan a few exploratory activities to entertain and educate Miller in the afternoons.  And hey, if it bought me a few minutes to do a couple of chores, so be it :)  One of the activities that I read about online involved letting your toddler play with various bowls and mixing cups using water, dried beans, or rice.  I immediately nixed the water idea {I've seen what he can do in the bathtub} and decided that beans might be just the right size to get stuck in his nose or throat.  So we went with rice.
I sat with him for a few minutes and began to pat myself on the back, because he loved it and was completely enthralled.  He tried to eat it once, but quickly realized it was gross and hard and spit it back out.  Once I realized thought he had the hang of it, I went to get a few things done.  Please note, I only went a few feet and could still hear/see everything he was doing.  I was so excited that we had found such a fun, educational activity that he could do semi-independently.  That is, until I looked up and saw this...
and this oh-so-innocent face...
Now, don't get me wrong I certainly did not expect my seventeen months old to keep every single grain of rice on the tablecloth.  However, what I didn't account for {and I'm not sure why} is that my child has an affinity for throwing things.  Apparently I had a moment of amnesia.  He. throws. everything.  Why would he not throw handfuls measuring cups full of rice all over the place?  I attempted to tell him "no" and even put the rice in "timeout" for a bit.  At this point I also stripped him because he had rice all in his onesie.  Let's try this again...
He still didn't get it.  The second I put it back in front he began to slingshot cupfuls of rice.  Seriously, take the picture of my floor from above and imagine my entire kitchen and half of the den looking like this, only times three.  I eventually had to put it away {enter tantrum} where I think it will stay for a few more months.  I think we'll stick to coloring for now.

On a positive note, I did get these bad boys baked and in the freezer {well, that part came after bedtime},
dinner prepped, and a load of laundry started.  The next activity I plan might try is playdough.  Any words of warning or wisdom??


Be vewy vewy quiet...

I'm twying not to wake a sweeping baby.  I am holding my breath as I type this and trying to tap each key ever so lightly - the little rascal is asleep past his hour and fifteen minute mark.  Therefore I must type fast as I know it probably won't last much longer.

Miller has been wearing me out lately.  For the past month or so, my independent baby has turned into an attention craving toddler.  When he's awake he constantly follows me around with his little hand in the air {for me to hold} chanting "off" as in, come with me.  Now.  If I do not come "off" he promptly does something he isn't supposed to such as climb IN the fireplace.  Twice now.  I've been too flustered to get a picture.  The option is he lays down and throws a tantrum.  Neither is pretty.  I wish I could tell you it is all rainbows and butterflies here, but just keepin' it real.

Last weekend we had some extra help when Gran came for a visit.

~We made marshmallows for Aunt Kate and had to make sure they weren't poisonous
 ~Miller shared
~We made a few fashion statements
~ Bryant and I got to go on a date
~ We played hide-and-seek
~ When everyone left I broke out some new crayons on Monday {in an attempt to keep M out of the fireplace and silence the incessant "off" chant}

This post took me much longer than expected, because the first time I tried to upload the pictures I got a message from blogger that I've used up all of my free photo storage and would have to purchase more.  Oops!  Guess that's a sign that I post too many pictures.  But will I stop?  No.  I just bought more storage for a whopping $5 :)  The main reason in telling you this is that Miller is STILL asleep!!  Back flip, triple lutz, swan dive.  Woohoo!!  You did an excellent job of being quiet.  Elmer and I commend you.


Sanity Saver

Last week we were snowed in and all of our usual outings were canceled, my brain began to turn to mush by about day three.  Since some other moms in our neighborhood were feeling the same way, we decided to get together for a little playgroup.  I am so glad we did!  It was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Miller got to see a new environment and some different toys and Mama got to have some great conversation.  We were having such a good time inside that we never got everyone in snow clothes and outside.  I was dragging myself out around 2:20 to take Miller home for a nap {already about an hour past normal nap time} when Lori convinced me to go on just one sled ride to  at least get a quick picture.  
Well, the second Miller started signing and saying, "Mo! Mo!" and I saw that grin from ear to ear I knew naptime was taking a backseat that day!  If you know me at all, you know this is sooo out of my character.  It was well worth it though!
Miller could barely keep his eyes open by the time we got home around 4:15, so I decided to risk a late night and put him down for a little nap.  He was out like a light in no time.  When Bryant got home at 5:30 we both agreed we should wake him up as to not mess up his bedtime too much.  Bryant quickly volunteered to get him and I took advantage of a little extra sewing time.  I was so wrapped up in what I was doing that I didn't even notice thirty minutes had passed and it was still extremely quiet upstairs.  I found daddy and baby boy both fast asleep in the rocking chair at 6:05!!!!  Miller's usual bedtime is 7:00.  We got Miller fed and ready for bed and thankfully we didn't mess him up too badly.  He was asleep around 8:20 or so.  I am slowly but surely learning to loosen the reigns a bit!

The snow is finally melting and life should return to usual this week.  It was fun while it lasted but we are ready for Spring now!  Thanks for having us over, Lori!


A sweet moment with Pop

Ahem.  Let me begin my greeting you with a very big, "WAAAARRRRRRR EAGLE!"  My alma mater did me proud Monday night and pulled out the big win.  Part of me wishes I had been there, but our bank account is thanking us for staying put.  And, let's just be real, if I had gone it would have been on my own.  No way hubby was going.  At least I got to play in the snow with my two favorite boys and cheer on my tigers from home {thank GOODNESS the power/cable didn't go out!}.

Moving right along... We had quite the excitement around here last night when Bryant muted the TV and said, "What's that?"  {Can you see me straining my ears to hear... nothing}.  I didn't hear a thing and quickly grabbed the remote to return to our show.  Bryant, being the protector and diligent one, ran downstairs and came back to tell me we had water leaking through the ceiling onto our NEW floors!!! Panic.  He set into "fix it" mode while I grabbed towels and a bucket to set into "damage control" mode. At about 9:00 he went outside {in 17 degree temps}, turned off the main water valve {which was under about five inches of snow/ice}, and went to Walmart to get a new part.  I won't even pretend to know what the part is called.  By about 10:30 he had it all fixed up!  As he worked, I did what any helpful wife would do and perused pictures on my computer.  I was quite shocked to find a few favorite moments that I realized I'd never shared with you.  Here's numero uno...

Back in December Gran and Pop came up for a quick visit and Miller shared such a sweet moment with his Pop.  My mom got Miller out of his high chair after dinner and asked, "Do you want Mama or Gran to put you to bed?"  {More of a question to me than to Miller, by the way.}  Surprisingly Miller responded, "Pop" and reached for John who was sitting on the sofa.   He then proceeded to lay like this...
for several minutes until Mom and I told John to go put him to bed.  I'm pretty convinced he would have stayed there all night.  It was so sweet and so unexpected.  Miller has never asked for someone to put him to bed and is usually fine with whoever completes the task.  Also, Miller doesn't cuddle {much} and rarely stays still for long.  One things for sure, Miller loves his Pop!

Be back soon with the other "unreported" moment back in October...  Miller is about to be up and then  we're off to a neighborhood playgroup!


Our Snowy Day

Chronologically, with mostly pictures.  A lot of them.
 Miller thought we should be responsible and do some cleaning before we went to play. 
He's probably right, but nah.
We opted for footie pajamas under his clothes since he doesn't have long underwear.  I must say, it seemed to work pretty well and made transitioning to naps a breeze.  Highly recommended.
 So excited he can hardly stand it!!!!!  Can't you tell?
Yes, that is a pool raft.  We live in Alabama.  We do not buy and store a sled to use once a millennium {although I really wish we had one today!}.  Pool floats, however,  are in abundance and did the trick.
 Aww.  They match.  How cute.
 Not a fan of coming in.
 Once again, no sled and our float got a hole in it.
 Macy and Morgan came to visit.
 Back inside for nap #2...
and a little of this...
Only one thing left to do now... duck hunting.  War Eagle!!!



Miller has definitely entered toddler-hood.  Yesterday he climbed on to the coffee table for the first time ever, left me this little surprise while I was drying my hair...
{I'm just glad it wasn't my toothbrush}, and when I made the bathroom off limits he entertained himself in other ways...
 Busted.  I decided since those tissues were already a lost cause it at least might keep him out of other trouble until I could finish drying my hair.
Worked like a charm!  I feel it is noteworthy to mention that all of these events took place within about thirty minutes of each other.  I guess I better stay on my toes!