Our Weekend

Creative title, huh?  Last Friday Miller and I took a little road trip to Birmingham.
I had my 36 week appointment Friday and Bryant was going turkey hunting so we decided to stay the weekend with Poppy and Cissy.  In usual fashion, Poppy kept Miller busy with lots of activities.
Saturday night I got to go out for a girls' night.  It was full of good food, lots of laughter, and sweet friends. 
Thanks for a fun night, girls!  And thanks for giving me a little break, Poppy and Cissy!



We kicked off the celebration of Easter with Miller's Mother's Day Out parties on Wednesday and Thursday.
Friday we moved into our rental house.  Whew.  Thank goodness for Two Men and a Truck and all of our family that helped out.  That night Bryant and I went to the Secret Church simulcast our church hosted.  We kind of had to drag ourselves there since we were so exhausted, but once we got there we were so glad we went.  It was an incredible time of Bible study and we look forward to the next one!  If you ever have the opportunity to go, you definitely should!

The next morning {Saturday}, Mom and I took Miller to our church's Easter Egg Hunt.  Our children's minister, Melanie, had so many fun activities set up for the kids to do while they waited on the egg hunt.
Time for the preschoolers to hunt!
Miller and sweet Ella Kate

Melanie shared the Easter story with the kids using Resurrection Eggs.  Miller was the best listener. {Did you catch the sarcasm?}

Sunday morning it was time to worship our risen Savior!  We of course tried to tell Miller the Easter story, but given the fact he has no concept of life and death he was pretty clueless.  I look forward to the day when he will understand the amazing gift of Christ's death and the importance of His resurrection.  He was excited about putting flowers on the cross and kept saying, "I put flowers on for Jesus."  So at least he knew Easter isn't just about egg hunts.
After church we went to Nana and Papa Frank's house for lunch.  It was a feast and a wonderful change from the fast food we'd been eating for a week straight while we moved!
Sweet Malley in her Easter best
After lunch we had another egg hunt and enjoyed the beautiful day.
Poor Miller only found a few eggs.
 Last but not least it was time for Easter baskets from Nana and Papa Frank.
Easter this year was certainly hectic with the move, but it was special none the less.  I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter, too!


Catching Up is Hard to Do

We've had so much going on that the thought of catching up on blogging has been a little overwhelming.  I cherish so much being able to document all of our family experiences though that I really want to try.  Obviously it will take a few posts, but I'll do my best!

A couple of weeks before Easter I got a note asking us to send cookies for Miller's school Easter party.  We were planning to move that week, so I knew that the logical thing to do was to just buy cookies from the bakery.  But what fun would that be?  So I decided to try making them ahead of time and freezing them.  I decided if they didn't thaw well, I'd go the bakery route, but at least I'd give it a shot.  My little assistant was so very helpful.  So helpful that after letting him cut out two cookies we decided it would be best for him and daddy to go play outside while Mommy finished :)
 The finished product...
{I'm happy to report that they froze and thawed very well!  I was so glad to see that this worked and will definitely be utilizing it in the future.}

The next week was Spring Break.  You wouldn't think Spring Break would affect us, but we had no school, no Bible study, and no Wednesday night church.  I decided to take Miller down to the lake to enjoy what could be our last lake trip for a while.  I'm hoping to squeeze in one more weekend before Jacob arrives, but we have lots to catch up on here first so we'll have to see.  This was Miller's first time on the boat this season and we were glad to see that he loved it!  It was also nice that he didn't have to wear a life jacket with a head support on it.  He was much more comfortable so we were all happier.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I was so happy to get a little sun on my pasty skin.  It was a nice little retreat before we returned to pack up and move!  More on that to come :)



I finally got around to uploading the video of Miller singing.  As always, the live version is so much better.  I need a hidden camera.

Bryant broke out the sprinkler the other day and Miller ran about 1,452 laps around it.  We'll definitely be using that a lot this summer.

Sorry for the short post {and the lacks of posts in general}.  We closed on our house Friday so we've been pretty busy packing and getting ready to move.  Be back soon {or eventually}!