Jacob - 4 Months

I can't believe it either, Jacob!  Where have the past four months gone?  This little boy's personality is really started to light up and he is such a joy!  This has been a big month for him with lots to report.
Stats:  Weight 13 lbs 13 ounces (19th percentile), Length 24.5 inches (22nd percentile)
Sizes:  size 2 diapers, mostly 3-6 month clothes with a few 0-3 gowns we're still sleeping in

Schedule:  Ok, so I was really close to moving Jacob to a 4 hour schedule a few weeks ago.  I hadn't dropped the Dream Feed yet, but he seemed more ready to move to the 4 hour schedule than he did to drop that late feeding.  Then all of a sudden one day about a week ago, he revolted against the swaddle.  He was busting out of that thing like crazy.  I decided to go with it since he couldn't soothe himself back to sleep without it and it I knew it would be easier for other people to put him to bed without it.  I still swaddle his legs and we went ahead and let him have both hands out {as opposed to weaning him one arm at a time}, because he uses one hand to pull the other to his mouth.  It took a couple of nights for him to get used to it and he still hasn't perfected falling back to sleep when he wakes mid-nap {which he always does}.  So all that to say, now that he's waking early from most of his naps there is now way a true 4 hour schedule will work.  I decided to go ahead and drop the Dream Feed and he is doing great with that.  He woke up one night around 11 and after giving him his paci he went right back to sleep.  He has been waking some mornings anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30, but either goes back to sleep or quietly plays until about 7:00/7:30.  The past couple of days he's had some four hour stretches when he has had a good nap.  I think once he gets better at self-soothing without the swaddle, we should move to a 4 hour schedule pretty smoothly.  For now, we're kind of on a day to day basis depending on how his naps are.

Sleep:  Um, pretty much covered that above.  I should note that he loves a paci and a lovie.  A few times when he just can't get settled to sleep, I've given him a lovie and after cuddling with it he goes right to sleep.  The only thing is that sometimes he falls asleep with it on his face.  So, I only let him have it during naps if we're desperate {not at night} and as soon as he's asleep I go move it off of his face.  Another beautiful thing about the video monitor!

Eating:  Jacob is now nursing five times a day.  When I make him a bottle, he drinks every drop.  I usually give him around 5-7 ounces.  It is so hard to know how much he really needs since I have no idea what he normally eats when he breastfeeds.  I honestly think he'd drink as much as I'd let him out of a bottle since it is so easy and fast.  He gets so mad when I make him stop to burp.  Because he drinks so much from a bottle and I hate to leave him with someone else without plenty to eat, I'm really running low on extra breastmilk.  As in I have enough for one bottle left in the freezer.  That's it.  I feel like I had so much more with Miller.  I guess with him I had more time to pump and build up a good stock of it.  This time around if I skip a feeding or feel like I have extra milk in the morning, I get so busy that before I know it it's almost time for Jacob to nurse again so I can't really pump.  I'm trying really hard to pump every morning and every night after he eats, but there isn't a lot of "extra" since I haven't been doing this all along.  Hopefully I'll be able to save at least some up, but I may have to start giving him formula when I'm gone.  On another note, we haven't started any solids yet.  I keep hoping we'll be in our house with a roomier kitchen before he starts fruits and veggies so that I can make his baby food like I did for Miller.

Likes/Dislikes:  He loves sucking on his hands and fingers.  We see him like this a lot.
He still loves his bouncy seat and activity mat.  Not a big fan of the swing.  We just started using the Bumbo some and he seems to like it a lot.   He is also very social and loves eye contact.  He doesn't like tummy time too much, so I was relieved when the pediatrician told me today to not worry about it.  She said to do a little here and there, but not to force it.  Good thing since we rarely do it.  He seems to finally be over the "witching hour".  Occasionally he'll be a little fussy between around 6:00-8:00 and have trouble going to sleep for the night, but most nights he does just fine.  This is a big improvement from crying almost every night for the first three months.
Milestones:  This has been a pretty big month for Jacob.  He rolled over from his stomach to his back for the first time on August 22nd.  I wouldn't say he's mastered this skill, but it is still exciting to see him do it every once in a while.  
He is also getting much stronger and better at holding his head up and also sitting up {with assistance of course}. 
He's just a lot less like a "mushy" newborn and more like a playful baby.  He is officially laughing and smiling like crazy.  I absolutely cannot get enough of his sweet little giggle.  He has a ticklish spot right around his sternum. 
We hear mixed reviews on who he looks like.  Sometimes he makes expressions that look JUST like Miller.  Than other times he looks completely different.  I've been told he looks a little like me {as opposed to Miller who is Bryant's clone}.  Here's a picture of me at 6 months.  What do you think?

Miller is still loving being a big brother, but continues to ask when Jacob will be big.  He loves to tell us all of the things that Jacob can do when he's bigger {potty, drink big boy milk, eat snacks, play trains...all things Miller himself gets to do}.  We recently brought out the Bumbo and it is Miller's new favorite seat.  {Side-note: I'm aware of the recall and only let Jacob sit in it when we are right next to him within reach. ;) }
 Don't be jealous of the clean house in the background ;)

Sometimes I wish I could just freeze time.  Jacob is in such a fun stage right now.  Still a sweet, cuddly baby, but everyone is getting plenty of rest and getting off schedule isn't quite as detrimental as it was even just a few weeks ago.  Now if only he could learn to sleep in the car.  I just know he's saying, "I can do it!" in this picture.
Happy four months, Jacob!  I thank the Lord for you everyday and I'm so grateful He let me be your mama!


Back to School {belated}

I finally got around to downloading pictures from my camera and I realized I never blogged about Miller's first day of 3K!  He is going to the same Mother's Day Out program as he has the past two years.  He'll go two days again this year.  We have had such a great experience with this program and we're looking forward to another great year!  Miller was happy to go, but wasn't overly excited.  Mama was though :)
 How did he get so big?!?!  Here he's telling me he's "free" now. {His favorite thing to tell everyone he meets.}
 Pretty sure he was thinking, "Seriously?  More pictures?"

 Showing off his cute, new backpack from Betty Jo.
Let's do this...
I didn't get any pictures of him with his new teacher, because I thought it best to drop him off in carline.  He had been going through a bit of a mommy phase around this time and I thought it would be easier on him if I didn't walk in and then have to leave.  He looked a little sad when I dropped him off, but thankfully there were no tears.  He was all smiles when I picked him up!  He is loving his "free year old cwass" and it has been so nice to have some time to get things done around the house while Jacob takes his morning nap.  I used to use this time to run errands, but it's a little trickier with a baby that won't sleep in the car.  So for now, I hang close to home and might run one or two quick errands after Jacob eats around 10:30.  I'm going to have a babysitter start coming to watch Jacob one of the days starting in a couple of weeks so that I can have that time for errands.  Anyway, TMI just stuff I want to remember :)  Be back soon with Jacob's four month post!


Labor Day

Hi friends!  I'm a bit behind on blogging these days, but hopefully I'll get caught up soon.  We went to our sixth annual get together at my parents' lake house with my precious group of college friends for Labor Day weekend.  It seems to get a little crazier each year as we keep adding more kids to the mix, but it is always so much fun to spend time with everyone.   We missed Jessica and Kendall and their families this year!  We hope y'all can make it next year!  I forgot my camera, but thankfully Hannah had hers and everyone snapped shots here and there with their iPhones.  Every year we take a picture of the kids in their pajamas.  It's pretty challenging to get them all looking at the camera and smiling.  Here are all of the kids in attendance this year...
 Foster, Campbell, Winston, Henry, Spider Man Sam, Miller, Jacob

Sleepy big kids ready for a boat ride before lunch!
 Feeding the goats
Love this one...
Sam and Miller playing it cool 
 Henry, Hannah, Katie and Foster
 Campbell got to sleep with Sam and Winston some of the time

Our family went down on Thursday before everyone else got there.  We took Jacob on his first boat ride and he did really well despite the suffocating life jacket!
 Everyone wants to help Pop drive
Mom babysat the boys on Friday so that Bryant and I could go to Atlanta to pick out granite for the house.  Mom sent me this pic of what she walked in on after leaving Miller to eat while she put Jacob down for a nap.
While Gran's away...

As always, it was such a fun weekend and it went by too fast!  Thanks to Pop and Gran for the yummy meals, putting up with all of the chaos, and the help with kids!  We appreciate it all so much!