New to this...

Much to Bryant's disappointment, I've decided to create a blog to keep friends and family updated on the exciting addition to our family. Bryant's not much into blogging, so most, no all, posts will come from me. :)
We were so excited to find out that I am pregnant about a week and half before Christmas. What a great Christmas gift! We got to see the first picture of our baby just a few days later in a less than formal "doctor's appointment". We don't have any digital pictures of this, but it was an amazing experience. I couldn't believe that we could already see a heartbeat! After this first look, Bryant nicknamed our little one "Tic Tac" based on it's appearance.
On Friday, I went to the doctor for my first official appointment and second ultrasound. "Tic Tac" looks more like a peanut now. :) The doctor said that everything looks great and seems to be right on schedule. My due date is August 14. It will be one hot summer!
We are so thankful for all of you who have already begun praying for our child. Praise God for this unspeakable gift! We continue to pray for a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby!