A Visit from Poppy & Cissy

The weekend before Easter, Poppy & Cissy came up for a visit.  We had such a great time with them and we were thankful for there help!  They rolled into town on Friday complete with a new suitcase for Miller...
 Which was filled to the brim with goodies!
Bryant and I went to Huntsville for the afternoon and evening while we had free babysitters staying with us.  I was excited to find a few snapshots from their night!
I'm so glad they took this next one.  This sums up how our bedtime routine looks these days.  Miller insists that we sit on the rug to read while he holds his "beaw".
 The next morning we all got ready for "chuwch", as Miller calls it.
The weather on Saturday wasn't very good, but after they left on Sunday we had Miller's first Egg Hunt to get him ready for Easter.
 He got the hang of it pretty quickly, especially when he found out their were treats inside of each egg.
Afterward, he helped Daddy with a little yard work.
 Miller loved the bubble gun that Poppy & Cissy gave him.
It was a great weekend!


Easter Party & Baby Malley

Rewind to last Thursday.  Great, thanks.  We started the day by going to Miller's MDO Easter Party.  I walked in to find this little cutie...
I couldn't believe he left those ears on for just about the whole party!  After a few snacks, we headed to another room for an Easter Egg Hunt.  Ready and waiting...
Found some!
 Showing off his finds to his friend, Olivia.
That afternoon, we went over to Nana and Papa Frank's to see a couple of special visitors including this one...
Baby Malley and Aunt Kate were in town for a quick visit and we were so excited to see them both!
We of course had to play a little b-ball while we were there.  {Please note Bryant's pants/boots.  I can't take him anywhere :) }
 Back inside it was time for some smootches.  This photo melts me...


Easter 2011

Here's a photo recap of our day.  Warning: picture overload!!
 There's snacks in here!!
Ready to put our flower on the cross.  When we put Miller down and told him to put it on the cross he proceeded to throw it.  One more confirmation of his gender.  :)
 Lunch at Betty Jo's
 The Easter Bunny brought something for Miller to her house too.
 Time to hunt!
 Another try at a family photo.  Still no smile.
 We ended the day by heading over to Nana and Papa's.  The Easter Bunny came there too!

I'll leave you with the chorus of one of my favorite songs.  It recaps Easter better than any photo!

Living He loved me, 
Dying He saved me,
And buried He carried my sins far away.
Rising He justified freely forever
One day He's coming, oh, glorious day, oh, glorious day!


Help a sister out

Hello friends!  I'm here asking for you to help a dear friend of mine and her husband.   Ben and Katie  are two of the sweetest, godliest people I know and it has broken my heart to watch their struggle with infertility.  They are now in the process of adoption and they are selling t-shirts to help with funds. They are ordering soon, and if you want one either email me or email Katie at katiebcompton@gmail.com.  They are $20 and come in women's, men's, youth, and toddler sizes.  She told me the grey they picked is a little darker than this proof, but you'll get the main idea:


If you can't help out by buying a shirt, please please please add them to your prayer list! 


Twenty Months

Or should I say, "Twenty-and-a-half months".  Yea, I'm a little late on this one.  Woops.
Miller's vocabulary grows by the minute, literally.  About a million times a day he will say, "Wassat?" and point to something.  When tell him what "that" is he will repeat it back, or at least attempt to.  He's picked up a lot more animal sounds lately and knows some of his colors.  {He likes to call everything, "gweeeeeeeen!" when I ask him what color something is, but after a second look he can sometimes recognize and say "owage", "boo", and "wed".}

Here are some animal sounds I caught on video:

Ironically, while his vocabulary is budding he has started a new phase of whining instead of telling me what he wants.  Obviously, he can't always communicate what he wants, but I'm talking about things he's been doing for months like "finished" after he eats.  He'll just sit in his high chair and squirm around and whine.  I've started to have to use the same phrase I occasionally use with his daddy, whom as most of you know is not a big talker, and say "use your words".  He seems to be coming around as he realizes that he's not getting out of his high chair until he says or signs "finished".

Sizes: Size 4 diaper, Size 7 shoe, 18-24 month clothes
I meant to include this pic with our Colorado post.  We brought him back this shirt.  I had to buy a 4T because there weren't many left since it was the end of ski season.  He was a little upset because I was taking pictures when we were supposed to be going "bye-bye" to school.
Despite what you see in the picture above, Miller is throwing less tantrums than he was a couple of months back. {Knock on wood!}
He has also recently decided that he likes to wear his "hat" and "wasses" like his daddy.  This is good news for the summer months with his thin, light hair.  The bad news, after we get them on he will take them off in about four seconds.  Then we must put it all back on... and repeat.

We recently got a "hand-me-down" sandbox from one of my mom's friends and we are so thankful for it!  Miller loves to be outside, but we needed something else to do out there.
I would suggest that if you decide to come play with Miller in his sandbox you should keep your distance.  Remember The Rice Fiasco of 2011, well just replace that rice with sand and you'll understand why you don't want to be in his way.  Thank goodness this "activity" is outside!!

Twenty months made me gasp for some reason.  I think because I feel like it is so close to 24 months that I feel like I should just be saying, "He's almost two" when people ask.  Crazy!!  It feels very different than when we were still in the "teens".  Two still feels kind of far away, but it will be here before I know it!